Instructor's Name

Prof. Maria Kisel



Writing Process

My writing process first began when my English 200 professor, Dr. Kisel, assigned our final informative synthesis essay. We were given a list of topics to choose from, all of which addressed different aspects of censorship in Russia. I chose the topic of the controversial gay propaganda law enacted by President Vladimir Putin in modern-day Russia. As a class, we met in the library and learned how to find appropriate sources using UD’s online databases. We were given the assignment of finding and summarizing five credible sources for our essay. Next, we were to narrow the sources down to four and compare and contrast each source. The idea was to have each of the writers connecting within the final essay. I found four credible sources, some of which actually cited one another in their works. I began the official writing process by summarizing each article I had found into two to three paragraphs. These paragraphs eventually became my rough draft after I added an introduction and conclusion. Finally, I met with Dr. Kisel to go over my draft. After discussion, I made revisions and added my works cited.



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