Instructor's Name

Elizabeth Mackay



Writing Process

The purpose of this assignment was to research and write in an academic discipline. Students were asked to conduct academic research and to produce an argument about a “super.” The argument required that one joins an academic conversation, as he or she practiced the research and writing conventions expected of a member of an academic discipline or community. To get started, I began thinking about a topic—something that was not only important to me, but also important to society. I looked at the links provided to me by my professor that gave background information on numerous superheroes. After analyzing the characters, I decided on two disabled superheroes: Professor X and the Silver Scorpion—both of which are paraplegics. My topic was then formed, as I thought about how people view the disabled community and how these disabled superheroes confronted the stereotypes people have about paraplegics and other disabled persons. I decided to show in my argumentative essay the way that film, literature, and other popular texts attempt to combat disability stereotypes. I was required to use at least three scholarly sources and one primary source to support my argument, so I looked at scholarly articles, the popular films, X-Men and X-Men: The Last Stand, and the comic book, Silver Scorpion, all of which highlighted the way society treats disabled persons and the stereotypes that exist about them. With this information, I was able to successfully argue that film and literature are beginning to incorporate more people with disabilities into the plot—emphasizing their value and worth in society, and ultimately, changing viewers’ and readers’ perspectives. Three steps were taken in order to form this argumentative essay: a topic proposal, an annotated bibliography, and finally, the essay. I revised my work with peer-review, as well as a conference with my professor.

Award Winner

Excellence in Research Paper Writing



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