Instructor's Name

Dr. Ann Biswas



Writing Process

After the research paper had been assigned, I began researching possible topics. Once I found an area that interested me, I narrowed down my research and formulated a working argument. There have been many writings about Disney's strict enforcement of copyright; I however took a different approach. I gathered scholarly and popular sources that ranged from background information, similar arguments, and counter points. For the rough draft, I first crafted an outline, then wrote the body paragraphs, and finally the introduction and conclusion. In class, we had a peer review session and my professor gave us constructive notes on our individual drafts. After editing my draft from the comments, I went to The Write Place and my professor's office hours. I asked them questions focused on content, structure, tone, and organization. After revising my paper again, I went back to The Write Place but this time focused on grammar, sentence structure, and wording. Finally, I had my parents and a few friends read it so that I could have many eyes editing it to find mistakes that could have been overlooked. The long and detailed process I took in writing my research paper involved many drafts, leveraging available resources, and multiple iterations spanning weeks of time, which I believe it resulted in my best work.

Award Winner

Excellence in Research Paper Writing