Instructor's Name

Laura Vorachek



Writing Process

The purpose of this assignment was to select a topic within the realms of gender issues, complete research in the library, and conduct personal research in the form of a survey or an interview. I knew I wanted to select a topic that was relative to me and my community. After talking to several of my peers, I realized there was a large controversy over the topic of gender specific rules in coed intramural sports. Thus, I decided to delve into the issue by undertaking it as my essay topic. Researching in the library and finding many scholarly sources as well as other sources from students at varying universities allowed me to form my opinion and mark my standpoint in the debate. My survey gave me deeper insight to the sentiment that the student body held towards the gender specific rules in their intramural sports. This permitted me to tailor my argument to specifically address the University of Dayton, or my immediate community. I created many drafts of my survey and received feedback from my peer-editing group to make sure I was asking the correct questions to receive answers that addressed the topic at hand. This may have been the hardest part of the research process, because sometimes it was difficult to ask a question without leading the respondent to give a specific answer. However, with the guidance of my peer editing group I developed a strong survey that produced lucrative results. It seemed that the student body was truly interested in the controversy of gender specific rules in coed intramural sports. After gathering my research, I began the drafting process. With the aid of my peer-editing group, feedback from my professor, Dr. Vorachek, and advice from the Write Place, I developed a piece that truly reflects my standpoint on this gender issue and calls for a change.



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