Project Title

And The Oscar Goes To





Instructor's Name

Prof. Lindsey Light



Writing Process

For my English 100 class, my professor required us to write a comparative rhetoric paper. We were given complete control over what kind of media we wanted to be the focus of our paper and what we topic we wanted to write about. I chose to write about the movie Spotlight, the recent Academy Award winning film that followed the investigative team that uncovered the priest pedophilia scandal in Boston in 2002. I had recently viewed the film and it had an enormous impact on me as a young Catholic attending a Catholic Marianist university. I chose for media two review and responses on the film; one from the National Catholic Reporter and one from the Washington Post. Both media outlets differ in many ways, however I was able to find commonality between them. These similarities and differences allowed me to form an excellent contrast between both articles and the rhetoric within them, while keeping the immoral actions of these clergymen as the center of the paper.

Award Winner

The Barbara Farrelly Award for Best Writing of the Issue



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