Project Title

A Simple Syllable





Instructor's Name

Dr. Meredith Doench



Writing Process

This assignment was a simple literacy narrative about some point in my life that helped develop my love for reading. I choose a point early in my life where I had a speech impediment and had trouble speaking words clearly. I got over this difficult time by reading. The only research I had to do for this paper was figure or some smaller details from my parents that I could not remember since I was so young. Other than that all the information came from the deep depths on my mind. There were 3 drafts to this paper, a rough draft, a final draft, and then a revised final draft. The first final draft came from a peer review session with a classmate and the revised final draft came from both a conference with my professor and a visit to the Write Place. Overall, I am extremely happy with how this literacy narrative turned out as it is a clear representation with the struggle I experienced as a child and how reading helped me defeat the difficult times.