Instructor's Name

Miriamne Krummel



Writing Process

One of my favorite parts of English 100 with Dr. Krummel was the amount of freedom I had writing every essay. There were almost no limitations about what to write, and there were no set boundaries as to what I could do. This allowed me to grow as a writer in ways I didn’t think possible. The very first essay, the literacy narrative, was very terrifying at first. I had no idea what I was supposed to write about so I just tried to write from the heart. I was unsure if I had done it correctly, so one day I went in for help after class. Dr. Krummel made me read the essay out loud and I was slightly terrified since I’m very introverted. While reading it aloud, at one point I was able to make Dr. Krummel laugh. Dr. Krummel said that this is a hard thing to do and that I’m a great writer. No one had ever said this to me before, since I have dyslexia English is something I’ve always struggled with and basically given up hope of ever being good at. This was the first time I had ever had confidence in my writing skills.



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