Instructor's Name

Dr. Miriamne Krummel



Writing Process

When I started this writing process, I knew that I wanted it to be as personal as possible. I remember a wave of relief coming over me when the topic of Anti-semetism was revealed because, being Jewish with a grandfather who survived the holocaust, it is something that I am very familiar with and comfortable discussing. This was the first major research project I had been assigned, but I found that I had a knack for researching (and even found it enjoyable). While much of the research was particularly painstaking because of the tragic nature of it and its closeness to my loved ones, I realized its importance and knew that I wanted to present as much of the information as I could to, as I speak about in my conclusion, prevent something like the Holocaust from ever happening again. In the end, I believe that I was produced a paper that was both educational and impactful.

Award Winner

The Barbara Farrelly Award for Best Writing of the Issue