Instructor's Name

Ann Biswas



Writing Process

To begin this research paper, I scanned the list of possible topics that Dr. Biswas handed out in class. The topic that intrigued me most was college cheating scandals. However, I wanted to find one to specifically write about, rather than discuss cheating in college at large. After some searching, I came across the ongoing cheating scandal at The University of North Carolina involving their athletic programs. As an avid sports fanatic, I was interested. I did some basic reading on the case and decided to choose it as the focus of my paper. Throughout the writing process I read dozens of articles and investigations related to this case and wrote a few outlines. After having a full rough draft, it was peer-reviewed in class and then subsequently reviewed by Dr. Biswas. I then took all of these critiques into consideration and wrote a final draft. Other than a re-formatted works cited page, this is the final draft that I am submitting.

Award Winner

Excellence in Research Paper Writing



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