Instructor's Name

Prof. Joseph Craig



Writing Process

Our assignment was based on the concept of community and all it entails. Each student pair in our class was assigned a neighborhood in Dayton (ours being McCook Field) and given the task of identifying an asset of their respective neighborhood, along with demographic information, physical geography, economic characteristics, etc. We initially began our assignment by talking about how communities are defined and constructed, then we began doing research on our assigned neighborhood in order to find one asset. In our case, we chose to focus on the issue with volatile organic compounds in McCook Field and the steps being taken to correct that problem. Additionally, we conducted primary research and secondary research to discover new information about the volatile organic compounds as well as the impact on the neighborhood. We constructed an annotated bibliography to help us get our paper started. There were a total of two drafts in this writing process: one was peer reviewed/edited, and the final draft was reviewed and suggested for submission by our professor.



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