Instructor's Name

William Trollinger



Writing Process

I wrote this historiography paper over the course of the Spring 2017 semester in my ASI 120 class. The assignment was to write a historiography paper about a topic of our choosing during the Reconstruction period in America. In addition to the analyzing historians' interpretations of our topics, we were also asked to choose the group of sources that we felt was most accurate and compelling. To prepare for the paper, I read Eric Foner’s A Short History of Reconstruction, which provided me with deeper background knowledge of the time period and guided me in the development of my topic. I decided to write about the women’s suffrage movement’s connection to abolition and black suffrage because I am passionate about women’s rights issues and I felt that writing on this topic would not only fascinate me, but would also provide me with a more profound understanding of the roots of the feminist movement. After choosing my topic, I conducted research to find varying attitudes over time about women’s suffrage organizations and their involvement in abolition and black suffrage. With my sources narrowed down to those that were most relevant to my topic, I wrote an annotated bibliography that served as the skeleton of my final paper. I used the bibliography to guide the writing of my first draft, which I then edited based on the comments from my professor, Dr. William Trollinger, a Write Place consultant, and two of my peers. Once I had made the revisions, I submitted the final draft of my historiography paper.

Award Winner

The Barbara Farrelly Award for Best Writing of the Issue



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