Instructor's Name

Dr. Ann Biswas



Writing Process

With two months left in the semester, my class was given the project proposal: write a 5-page research paper about any form of cheating. I chose cheating in the medical field as my broad topic and then finally narrowed it down to genetic theft, which is the acquisition of someone's genes without his or her knowledge. We had until the final day of class to turn in our final draft but I wanted to get started right away because the topic really grabbed my interest. I starting researching by using online resources, and I found more information than expected. After compiling all of my notes, I sat down and got to work. Many hours later I was finished with my first draft. After a peer revision, I moved some aspects around and added more explanatory information, and I was ready with a second draft. After another peer review, I polished a few minor characteristics and was satisfied with a complete research project final draft.