Instructor's Name

William Trollinger



Writing Process

The overall goal of this piece was to compose an essay conveying how different historiographers have varied in their views of a single moment within the Reconstruction period. Discovering the similarities and differences was intriguing and provided much to analyze. I specifically chose to review how historiographers have viewed the white women teachers — mostly Northerners — who traveled to the South during the Reconstruction period for the education of freedmen.

As this extensive process took hold, I knew the topic I chose was perfectly fit for me. I have a deep appreciation for education and all that it does to shape who we are as individuals. For this very reason, I became greatly hypnotized by the promise and importance of this situation and its circumstances during the Reconstruction. I first proposed my topic to the instructor of the course. In the beginning, it was unclear if the resources would be lacking due to the specificity of the topic. However, we found a path that offered many accounts of these women and all they had accomplished. The next step was to submit approximately 15 proposed sources to the instructor. He narrowed it to eight to ten sources. Two drafts later, two of my peers along with the instructor and the Write Place reviewed my piece for clarity and a complete analysis of the research done. Not only was I able to compose an essay that compared eight historiographer’s accounts, but I was also able to relay who I deemed most compelling. This process took much diligence and many drafts, but in the end, I was proud of what I had learned.



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