Instructor's Name

Elizabeth Mackay



Writing Process

After studying the Civil War and the Reconstruction era in depth, I was required to choose one aspect of the Reconstruction era and write a historiography based on it. I researched how historians studied and interpreted the role of the Freedmen's Bureau, which was an agency established immediately after the end of the Civil War. I studied how these interpretations of the success of the Freedmen's Bureau's changed over time. I began by producing an annotated bibliography of the eight scholarly sources. I wrote three drafts and conferenced with my professor as well as the Write Place consultants. I revised and closely proofread my work several times. This historiography exemplifies how historians' view of the success of the Freedmen's Bureau altered over time.

Editor's note: For this paper, the author received the Barbara Farrelly Award for Best Writing of the Issue ($200 prize)



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