Instructor's Name

Margaret Strain



Writing Process

For this English 100 assignment, we were asked to write a rhetorical analysis of a speech of our choice. I knew I wanted to pick one that would be interesting to me. Prior to writing this paper, I had heard about the speech once before when watching a sports documentary. I knew the speech had a strong message at its core, but I did not know why it was so respected and liked by its audience. While writing this paper I had three drafts;, the first two drafts were peer edited. The second and third were also edited and graded by my professor. The first draft was just an outline of the direction I wanted my paper to take that allowed me to get all of my ideas down. The second draft was where I was able to really dive into the rhetorical tools used by Valvano in his speech. The third draft was a cleaning up and final organization of my paper. The multiple draft system was very useful to helping me develop my paper; the peer and teacher edits were very valuable.



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