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Laura Vorachek



Writing Process

The writing process for this article began when my English 198 teacher assigned our third major essay, instructing that it was to be on the topic of gender and include original research. Being a lifelong athlete, I decided to investigate how coaching styles might differ depending upon whether one is coaching boys or girls. With this in mind, I set out to interview the coaches that I know so as to gain their insights and approaches to coaching. I developed a set of questions and interviewed four coaches of varying ages who had coached girls and/or boys at different levels. I then used this information to create an outline for my paper. After the outline came the first draft, which was about three pages. My classmates peer reviewed this draft, and their valuable comments assisted me in making the revisions for the second draft of the paper. Draft two was thus both longer and more pulled together, being around eight pages and starting to look like a more polished paper. This second draft was then not only reviewed by my classmates again, but also by my professor. I reviewed the feedback, re-read the paper, and made extensive edits before the final submission. The final version of my paper ended up being nine pages and over 3000 words, by far the longest paper I had ever written. Because of the multiple drafts and revisits, however, I believe that it is one of my best works.

Editor's note: For this paper, the author received the English 198 Excellence in Writing Award ($100 prize).

Award Winner

Excellence in Research Paper Writing



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