Instructor's Name

Elizabeth Mackay



Writing Process

This paper is an explanation of Robert A. Orsi's concept of presence from the introduction and first chapter of his book titled, History and Presence. Before writing any paper for a class, I thoroughly review the syllabus for the assignment. Based on the requirements listed in the syllabus, and on the discussion we had in seminar about the Orsi text and Dr. Smith's lecture on the religious origins of modernity, I drafted an outline of my paper. Throughout the process of creating my outline, I considered various organizations for my explanation as well as a few different arguments I could make in my paper about Orsi's solution to the problem of modern religion. The strongest organization and arguments, I found, highlighted and emphasized my personal experiences with presence and absence in my own religious upbringing. As a result, my first paper draft included these personal experiences. I brought this first draft to a conference with my ASI 110 professor, Dr. Mackay, and she helped me strengthen and unify my paper. Then, I edited my paper with her comments in mind before I went to a Core Write Place Consultant, Ethan, who helped me fine-tune my paper. After the consult, I edited the paper again before showing it to Dr. Mackay one last time before submitting it just to make sure I was really on the right track.



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