Instructor's Name

Elizabeth Mackay



Writing Process

For this particular assignment, we had to reconstruct the main points that Plotinus, an ancient philosopher and educator, presents in his work titled the Enneads. In order to reorganize and retell his elaborate ideas appropriately, we had to come to understand the text in a way that would make our own interpretations easy to convey to audiences. In addition to reconstructing the Enneads, a comparison between a previously read creation story and Plotinus's ideas had to be made. After numerous in-class discussions, I established a logical order to present Plotinus's various cosmological entities. I felt that beginning with the most powerful entity, The One, helped funnel clear descriptions for the rest of the cosmology. After thoroughly reading the text and drawing on group work, I felt that the two creation accounts in Genesis 1-3 contain striking similarities between God and The One while noticeable differences are also present. After developing multiple drafts and receiving suggestions from my professor and peers, I felt that my final draft explained Plotinus's philosophical ideas in a clear, logical manner.



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