Instructor's Name

Tracey Jaffe



Writing Process

Throughout the semester, our history class explored the differences in relationships including political, economical, and social aspects. I found one of the most compelling comparisons to be how people of vulnerability have historically suffered because of their circumstances yet are able to learn that within their vulnerability comes strength and change. After the themes of power and vulnerability were presented to us in preparation for our trip to the ballet, I was able, during the production, to draw many similarities. After narrowing my topic to a certain event in history that explored these ideas, the Haitian revolution, I began to find sources to explore the connection more deeply.

Following meetings with my professor to discuss my ideas and revise my drafts, my final product conveyed the message I see throughout all of history and is still relevant today. Overall, I was pleased with my process for writing this paper and these themes will definitely carry over to my everyday life.

Editor's note: This paper received second prize ($50).



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