Instructor's Name

Anthony Smith



Writing Process

This historiography was a semester long project beginning in Spring of 2019. Because the Reconstruction Era of the United States was briefly skimmed over in my previous history classes in high school, much of my knowledge of the subject was brand new from the very beginning of my research. For background on the Reconstruction Period, I read Eric Foner's A Short History of Reconstruction. After completing online modules provided by my instructor, I learned how to properly find scholarly sources through the University of Dayton library and JSTOR. It was through these means that I was able to find twelve scholarly sources that were required to begin this project. After swapping out these sources for others and shortening those twelve sources down to eight annotated sources, the task of formulating them into the historiography proved easy. After submitting my draft to Dr. Smith, he provided me with some useful feedback which I then used to enhance my paper. This historiography is the product of months of hard work and scholarly research, and allows for myself and the students of ASI 120 to look back fondly on their accomplishments in their own research.



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