Instructor's Name

Anthony Smith



Writing Process

During the Spring of 2019, I completed this paper as part of my coursework for ASI 120. To begin this project, I had to read Eric Foner's A Short History of Reconstruction in order to gain a better understanding of the history and politics surrounding Reconstruction. After reading this book and discussing it extensively in class, I picked a topic to research related to Reconstruction. I decided to focus on how historians' views of the Radical Republicans have changed over time. I had to write a proposal stating what I was going to research and what I hoped to achieve. I also had to attach twelve scholarly sources that I would look through for this assignment. After reading and annotating my twelve scholarly sources in depth, I wrote an annotated bibliography to help me group the sources I had found. I grouped historians according to their views of the Radical Republicans. I wrote about how the views of historians have changed over time while comparing and contrasting the views within each school of thought. I wrote a draft and revised it based on my professor's feedback. After proofreading and peer-editing several times, I had my finished product. This historiography focuses on how historians' views of the failures of the Radical Republicans shifted over time.



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