Instructor's Name

William Trollinger



Writing Process

My writing process for this assignment was quite extensive as a Historiography is not a simple task. I started this assignment by gathering my sources. I looked for at least two books and articles from four different time periods: before 1950, between 1950-1970, between 1970-1990, and then 1990 to current day. After collecting my sources, I created a bibliography in Chicago style format which I submitted to y instructor for evaluation. After and having the final list compiled by my instructor, then came the tedious task of reading my sources. I read an evaluated each source as it pertained to my topic of Andrew Johnson. This part was particularly difficult because I was required to sort through sources in a new way. Instead of creating a summary of historical information, I was called to create a summary of the argument the authors were making through their summaries of the historical events. After completing that task, I compiled the authors’ arguments into an annotated bibliography in which I placed the summaries under their corresponding bibliographic citation. This too, along with my paper’s thesis, was submitted to my professor for approval. After all of that, it was finally time for me to begin my historiography. I transformed my annotated bibliography into a comprehensive essay in which I explained how history’s perception of Andrew Johnson has changed over time, adding in footnotes according the Chicago Manuel Style. After finishing my source summaries, I added in an introduction in which I orientated my reader to the topic and the purpose of my essay. Once that was completed I added in my paragraph in which I evaluated the best and most accurate source which I determined through careful consideration. After that was complete, I wrote my conclusion in which I orientated the reader to the modern day significance to a seemingly dusty and aged topic.



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