Instructor's Name

Elizabeth Mackay



Writing Process

I wrote the following essay throughout the semester in my ASI 120 course in multiple stages. My reading of Eric Foner’s A Short History of Reconstruction helped me generate my topic of interest and contextualize my historiographical argument. My instructor assigned the class reading responses to Foner’s historiography, which exercised my skills in writing explanatory summaries and academic responses. I next drafted my formal topic proposal to serve as the basis of my descriptive argument, the first paragraph of my introduction. I gathered a collection of eight historiographical sources and summarized each of them, while drawing upon the skills I practiced and developed throughout ASI 110 and in the Foner Response assignments. After writing the Annotated Bibliography, I examined each of the sources to construct my own historiographical argument. During the writing process, I consulted my instructor, Dr. Mackay, and the CORE Write Place consultants to polish my essay. Dr. Mackay also gave my seminar writing workshops for practice in historiographical statements and Chicago footnotes.

Award Winner

Excellence in Historiography Writing



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