Instructor's Name

Elizabeth Ann Mackay



Writing Process

For my project “Socrates: Corruptor, Improver, or Neither?” I engaged in a lengthy and comprehensive writing process. To begin I read Plato’s Apology and annotated his work in much detail. This part of the writing process was essential to begin my essay as it allowed me to engage in discussion during ASI 110 seminar and establish what exactly Plato meant within his work. After annotations and discussion I began to create an outline for my essay and worked through how it should be structured. This led to writing a rough draft and a writing conference with my professor, Dr. Elizabeth Mackay. We discussed how my essay could be improved and what my next steps were in the writing process. Shortly after I spent time making the changes that were needed, carefully proofread, worked to finalize my essay, and turned in my final draft.



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