Instructor's Name

Elizabeth Ann Mackay



Writing Process

For my project “St. Augustine and His Path to Conversion” I engaged in a lengthy and comprehensive writing process. To begin I read select sections of Augustine’s Confessions and annotated his work in detail. This part of the writing process was essential to begin my essay as it allowed me to engage in discussion during ASI 110 seminar and establish what exactly Augustine meant within his work. Discussion with peers and my professor, Dr. Elizabeth Mackay, really opened my eyes to the insightful and confusing nature of Augustine’s writing. After annotations and discussion I began to create an outline for my essay and worked through how it should be structured. This process was difficult for me as I was still confused with much of what Augustine wrote, so I scheduled a meeting with Dr. Mackay to discuss the most effective way for me to structure my essay. This meeting helped a lot with my writing process and led me to begin my rough draft. I then had a writing conference with Dr. Mackay in which we discussed how my essay could be improved and what the next steps in my writing process were. I made these changes and submitted my final draft. Shortly after I submitted my work and received a grade I decided I was going to submit my essay for the McGrath Research in Catholic Intellectual Traditions Scholarship. This began a process of revision in which I asked both Dr. Mackay and a theology teacher from St. Ignatius High School in Cleveland, Mr. Jim Brennan, to review my essay and suggest what could be improved. I then worked to improve and finalize my work to make it as good as I possibly could and soon submitted it. I then worked to finalize my essay for Line by Line through a quick revision process and completion.



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