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Lindsey Light



Writing Process

Editor's note: This paper is the recipient of the Best-Researched Argument award.

The overarching theme of my English 114 course focused on the depiction of family in popular culture. Thus, the final research project required me to research some aspect of family in American or popular culture, which led to my decision to analyze the 2008 television series Breaking Bad. My initial research question sought to answer how fatherhood was depicted in the show. However, I was unable to find much research on the show in general, leading me to choose a more physical and psychological route. I came across multitudes of research on the role of fathers as “providers” and the implications of the role on relationships in the real world, allowing me to narrow down my focus to the historical stigma surrounding traditional father roles. With my sources gathered, I drafted the paper within a few days, reread and revised it a few days later, had the paper peer-reviewed by two fellow students, and produced my final draft!

Award Winner

Excellence in Research Paper Writing



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