Aim & Scope

Educating future dietetic professionals is complex and programs must adhere to accreditation standards, respond to changes in practice and educational standards, integrate technology into learning, engage students in evidence-based practice, and educate across multiple dietetic practice areas. Dietetic educators are called to respond and prepare students to successfully engage with diverse populations within a complex and ever changing discipline. The aim of this journal is to provide an outlet for educational research that provides evidence for best practices and innovation in dietetic education. It is also a platform to share educational frameworks or theories and novel technological approaches in dietetic education. Dietetic education includes the associate, bachelors, master’s and doctoral level degrees, dietetic internship as well as within the realm of continuing education for registered dietitian nutritionists. JDE welcomes a variety of topics for submission, including original research, theory, educational innovations, review of educational material, and technology updates.

JDE welcomes all forms of methodologies and analysis, including quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods. A non-exhaustive list of topics that are appropriate for JDE includes:

Curriculum and instructional design

Use of educational technology

Teaching methods

Online and distance learning

Blended learning

Fieldwork/practicum/supervised practice


Standardized testing

Accreditation standard alignment to outcomes/assessments

Critical thinking

Service learning/community-engaged learning

Pedagogy and andragogy


Interprofessional education

Diversity, equity and inclusion

Policy and advocacy