Volume 8, Issue 1 (2022)

Awards for the Issue

Barbara Farrelly Award for Best Writing of the Issue ($200 Award): Luke Colegrove, "Racing to Equality: A Critique of Female Exclusion in Motorsports"

Best Researched Argument ($100 Award): Madeline Shelly, "The Power of Females and Femininity in 'The Silmarillion'"

Best Personal Argument ($100 Award): Eunice Anomakoh, "Undocumented: Hidden in Plain Sight"

Father Jack McGrath, S.M., Award for Research in the Catholic Intellectual Tradition: Eleanor Yates-McEwan, "He Came in like a Wrecking Ball: How Martin Luther Dismantled the Three Walls of the Romanists"

Submissions are now being accepted for Volume 9, Issue 1.

ASI 110/120

ENG 100

ENG 198

Dr. Margaret M. Strain, Director of the Writing Program, Department of English
Associate Editor
Lori Phillips-Young, Writing Program Coordinator, Department of English
Editorial Board
Alaa Bader
Albino Carrillo
Sooyoung Chung
Joe Craig
Jenna DeGruy
Josie Forstoff
Lauren Gilliland
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