Volume 10, Issue 1 (2023)

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Line by Line. The new design highlights the journal’s continued commitment to showcasing writing in print, multimodal, and digital formats produced by first- and second-year writers in the writing program in the Department of English. This issue also features the inaugural presentation of the John D. and Rose Marie Groppe Award for Excellence in Writing. Read more about it in the Editor's Note.

Awards for the Issue

John D. and Rose Marie Groppe Award for Excellence in Writing

Barbara Farrelly Award

Father Jack McGrath, S.M., Award for Research in the Catholic Intellectual Traditions


Editor's Note
Margaret M. Strain

ASI 110/120

ENG 198


Dr. Margaret M. Strain, Director of the Writing Program, Department of English

Associate Editor
Lori Phillips-Young, Writing Program Coordinator, Department of English

Editorial Board
Alexandra Amrheim
Laurel Baertschi
Ella Bellflower
Mina Bikmohammadi
Evie Brown
Sooyoung Chung
Madailein Coomer
Megan Donelson
Alexandria Ford
Lauren Gilliland
Liz Grauel
Molly Huth
Liz Hutter
Christina Klimo
Ava Merriman
Mia Prisby
Julie Pugh
Abby Sullivan
Alexandra Thiele
Dustin Witten
Eleanor Yates-McEwan

2023-2024 Awards Committee
Sooyoung Chung
Megan Donelson
Margaret M. Strain