Published each fall and spring semester, Line by Line: A Journal of Beginning Student Writing recognizes outstanding work created by students in the First- and Second-Year Writing Program at the University of Dayton. Submission is open to all students in ENG 100, ENG 114, ENG 198, ENG 200, ASI 110, or ASI 120.

Current Issue: Volume 10, Issue 2 (2024)

Awards for the Issue

John D. and Rose Marie Groppe Award for Excellence in Writing

Barbara Farrelly Award

Father Jack McGrath, S.M., Award for Research in the Catholic Intellectual Tradition

ASI 110/120

ENG 100


Will the Borders Stay?
Clare Hoffmann

ENG 198


An Art Misunderstood
Amelia L. Tortorici


A 'Real' Lesbian
Annabelle Karch

Other courses


Dr. Margaret M. Strain, Director of the Writing Program, Department of English

Associate Editor
Lori Phillips-Young, Writing Program Coordinator, Department of English

Editorial Board
Alexandra Amrheim
Laurel Baertschi
Ella Bellflower
Evie Brown
Sooyoung Chung
Madailein Coomer
Megan Donelson
Alexandria Ford
Lauren Gilliland
Liz Grauel
Molly Huth
Liz Hutter
Christina Klimo
Ava Merriman
Mia Prisby
Julie Pugh
Abby Sullivan
Alexandra Thiele
Eleanor Yates-McEwan

2023-2024 Awards Committee

Sooyoung Chung
Megan Donelson
Margaret M. Strain