The Submission Period Is Over for the Spring 2018 Issue. Submission for the Fall 2018 Issue Will Open in April.

The Spring Issue is Scheduled for Release in March.

Published each fall and spring semester, Line-by-Line: A Journal of Beginning Student Writing recognizes outstanding work created by students in the First- and Second-Year Writing Program at the University of Dayton. Submission is open to all students in ENG 100, ENG 200H, ENG 200, ASI 110, or ASI 120.


  • Barbara Farrelly Award for Best Writing of the Issue ($200 award): Sabrina Jemail, "A Woman’s Place Is in Politics: The Changing Interpretations of the Women’s Suffrage Movement’s Involvement in Reconstruction"
  • Excellence in Research Paper Writing Award ($100 award): Nina Santarpia, "Dayton, Ohio Education & Industries: Getting to the Source of the Problem: How Early Childhood Education Affects the Future of Industries"
  • Excellence in Historiography Writing Award ($100 award): Mary McLoughlin, "Historiography of the Reconstruction Era KKK: Reconstructing Understandings of Racism"

Current Issue: Volume 4, Issue 1 (2017)

ASI 110/120

ENG 100

ENG 200