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Evaluating the effects of integrating word processing software into the language arts curriculum at the fourth grade level, Katherine Horwath VonderBrink

An analysis of ethics for medical experimentation, Allecia Ruth Foreman Von der Embse

A severe behavior handicap phaseback booklet, Constance A. Penn Von Hacht

Pathognomic verbalization as a function of response sequence and color : a Rorschach and Holtzman comparison, Craig Michael Voorhees

Context effects on subjective workload assessments using the multi-attribute task battery tracking task, Christopher M. Voorheis

Non linear theory of injection semiconductor diodes, Quang Van Vo


Generation and detection of coherent pulse trains in periodically poled Lithium niobate through optical parametric amplification, Dayen Voratovic

The use of read only memories in digital process controllers,, Alan Lee Vore

Design and calibration of a Mach 2.5 two dimensional wind tunnel nozzle, Leon A. Vorst

The incident in Athens, Ohio, in 1904 : a study into procedures that varied from those followed by the government in the Brownsville affray in 1906, John E. Voskuhl

A study of Network, a national Catholic social justice lobby : in relation to the group theory of politics, Patricia A. Vrabel

The effects of context and familiarity on the comprehension of graphic symbols, Mark R. Vukelic

A handbook for integrating music into the primary curriculum, Stephanie Vukovic

An assessment of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal distribution, dynamics and seasonality in wetland ecosystems, Maggie A. Vuturo

The achievement benefits of using cooperative learning in the high school mathematics classroom, Patricia L. Wabler

Integration of computer resources with third grade curricula, Gaeleen Marie Wacht

Units for a first grade literature based approach to reading instruction, Rachel Helen Shephard Wachtman

Investigations and subsequent advancement of a holographic interferometry system, Patrick Clayton Wade

An individualized reading program and its effect upon students' attitudes toward reading, Rebecca L. Wafzig

Design and development of a laser Raman microprobe, Michael Edward Wager


America singing loud shifting representations of American national identity in Allen Ginsberg and Walt Whitman, Eliza K. Waggoner

The effects of enrichment programs on the attitudes of sixth grade gifted students toward school, Anne Meredith Wagner

The effects of cooperative learning on academic achievement of pre-calculus students, Anthony W. Wagner


Regression model to project and mitigate vehicular emissions in Cochabamba, Bolivia, Christopher Vincent Wagner

Effects of interaction involvement on verbal behavior in winning and losing in bargaining sessions, Donna Marie Friend Wagner

A recommended program for the teaching of vocal and instrumental music in the elementary grades in Mercer County, Ohio, Jeanette E. Wagner

The relationship of kindergarten screening scores and brain dominance screenings, Lucinda Ann Wagner

A handbook for peer tutors within the secondary mathematics classroom, Marjorie Anne Wagner

A study of the teachers' role during oral reading, Paula Katherine Wagner


Effects of one's level of anxious attachment and its correlates on satisfaction with self-sacrifice and relationship satisfaction, Scott Thomas Wagoner

Determining if there are employee assistance programs in any Ohio state mental hospitals, describing their component parts and presenting the case for their establishment in mental hospitals, Thomas Jerome Wahlrab

Plasma spectroscopy methods for diagnostics in the synthesis of nanostructured materials, Adam Richard Waite

Effects of content & test-wiseness coaching on ACT English usage scores of high school seniors, Alice K. Waits

Mainstreaming the student with multihandicaps in the regular classroom : a case study of teacher perceptions and attitudes, Karen Sue Waitzman

Pattern synthesis of planar arrays with broad nulls, Shilpa Wakade

Mass spectrometric study of oil shale samples, Robert Jean Waked

Criticism and the common reader : a study of the critical theory and practice of Virginia Woolf, Priscilla Warnock Wakefield

Perceptions of primary students toward writing in the classroom, Mary Kay Walblay

The development of a scale measuring theistic beliefs, David Paul Walker

The hypophasic carotenoids of Micrococcus roseus, John David Walker

Socialism in Dayton, Ohio, 1912 to 1925 : its membership, organization, and demise, John Thomas Walker

The effect of using math manipulatives with kindergarten students, Karen L. Walker

Women leaders in the early church : three factors and their influence on Christian women's leadership in the first three centuries of the common era, Laurie Frappier Walkowiak

The efficacy of retaining students in the early primary grades, Beverly Ann Hatcher Wallace

Using the writing process to teach dependent clauses, Brian Stuart Wallace

Isolation and characterization of a homeobox-containing gene expressed in the newt (Notophthalmus viridescens) eye, Jennifer L. Wallace

Influence of inorganic nitrogen on Bacillus stearothermophilus sporulation, Kathleen Marie Wallace

The relationship between television viewing and moral development of college students, Margaret Wallace

The effects of stress on serum cholesterol levels in the rat, Edward Dennis Waller

Developing self concept and reading achievement through use of read-along books, Joyce Renee Wall

An ultrastructural study of the three day chick embryo heart exposed to moderate hypoxia, Joseph Robert Walsh

Relation between asociality and both interpersonal understanding and field-independence, Linda Marie Walsh

A study of the effects of kindergarten entry age on first grade students, Marian F. Walsh

Deronda and Teufelsdrockh : a comparative analysis, Thomas M. Walsh

A study of the role of the religious elementary teacher in adult education, Barbara Lee Walter

A handbook of strategies for parents and teachers for use in motivating students to become better readers, Jill E. Walter

A needs assessment for a character education program for a small, rural high school in southwestern Ohio, Bridget Carlene Walters

The CAPITAL Discovery Project : a program designed to stimulate parent use of area informal learning sites with their young children, Carolyn Walters


The importance of response to ELL student writing : IEP instructors and teaching assistants, Emily Marie Walters

Organizational identification, job satisfaction and job performance : a study of correlations, Glenn Ray Walters

A design for teaching vocabulary development to urban junior high students, Patricia Ann Ghee Walters

Kneading the dough : a study of the ritual meal as an anthropological setting for the Eucharist, Martha Anne Walther

The relationship of language ability and reading achievement, Angela Elizabeth Forren Walton

A model for developing industrial training programs,, James H. Walton


Laboratory analysis of sustainable nutrient treatment methods for agricultural runoff, Peter Randal Wamsley


Optical tweezers using cylindrical vector beams, Chenchen Wan


Development and electrochemical characterization of a pseudomonas aeruginosa-based pure culture microbial fuel cell, Hao Wang

Improving the performance of Java for real-time application, Hao Wang

Synthesis and reactivity of D-[(2'-ethylazocarboxylato)-5-methyl]uridine analogues, Hui Wang

Characterization of ferroelectric material for advanced RF circuit design, Jiadong Wang


Nanoimprint fabrication of wire-grid polarizers using deep-UV interference lithography, Junxin Wang


Talbot imaging in multi-mode optical fibers with periodic multiple sub-apertures, Long Wang


Synthesis, characterization, DNA binding and DNA photocleavage of two new dipyrromethenes and their ruthenium (II) and N-methylated analogs, Mengyu Wang


Optimum microarchitectures for neuromorphic algorithms, Shu Wang


Application of a cobalt porphyrin as catalyst in microbial fuel cells, Weilong Wang

Photochemical characterization of intensity dependence in multiphoton-reactive systems : application to the photodegradation of [beta]-carotene, Wenyue Wang


Ideal process design approach for hot metal working, Xifan Wang

Comparing viewpoints on international relations from Chinese and American vocational students, Yuping Wang

A study of the effects of inclusion on the attitudes of learning disabled students in regular classrooms, Kathleen A. Wanke


The effect of dwell loading on the small fatigue crack growth at notches in IN100, D'Anthony Allen Ward

A case study of a developmentally handicapped student in two different school environments, Deborah June Hughes Wardeska

The effects of oral reading and silent reading on the reading comprehension of ninth grade students, Hannah Fye Ward

Elementary building technology coordinators : supporting educational technology investments, Lori Lollis Ward

A look at augmentative and alternative communication systems : a handbook for parents, Sarah Jane Tweddle Wardlow

A critical analysis of secondary education for Negroes in the south, Omar K. Ward

Pathway discipline : designing and implementing a school-wide discipline plan in an inner-city school, Rebecca S. Ward

A DPIV investigation of flow pattern instabilities of axial-flow impellers, Richard William Ward

Science units for use in grades one and two, Mary Catherine Warehime

A descriptive study of a total quality education team and its effect on third grade mathematics computation skills, Jennifer Warne

The impact of staff development programming on an intervention assistance team, Laura M. Warner

Does parental involvement create higher reading achievement?, Beverly Warren

Creating a normal Catholic university" : Franciscan University of Steubenville and the Catholic charismatic renewal, 1974-1992 ", Jeffrey D. Warren

ASCII communications simulator, Joseph Eugene Warren

Development of an average sampling modulation transfer function for imaging arrays, Mark Richard Warren

The effects of steroid hormones on limb regeneration in urodele amphibians, Charles Henry Washabaugh

Literature-based social studies handbook for fifth grade, Carolyn A. Washburn


Functional tests of [beta] tubulins in Drosophila sperm tail morphology, Ashley Washington

A geometric optics model for calculating the field strength of electromagnetic waves in the presence of a tropospheric duct, Raymond Philip Wasky

An evaluation of the presenting method of neurological impress by Jane L. Watercutter, Jane Loretta Baumer Watercutter

Evaluating the effects of a planned program on students self- concept, Julie K. Watkins

Using a writer's notebook : a story of one student with a learning disability, Susan Bruce Watkins

A unit of lesson plans to provide an example of integrating the visual arts with high school Spanish instruction, Christina Watras

A descriptive study of visual perception deficiencies in elementary students, Cynthia Jane Watren

The effect of tetrodotoxin on p2s2sNa uptake and action potential recovery in sciatic nerve of Rana pipiens, James Joseph Watrous


Fabrication of micropolarizer and narrow band-pass pixel filters for focal plane array, Alex Watson

Students' perception of the mathematics teacher, George David Watson

The early intervention team and its perceived understanding of the parents' rights and role, Janis S. Watson


Decoration of graphene oxide with silver nanoparticles and controlling the silver nanoparticle loading on graphene oxide, Venroy G. Watson

The association of otitis media and vestibular dysfunction to auditory-language skills, Barbara Ann Kulha Watterson

Parent communication in a second grade whole language classroom, Christina Watts

Evaluation of potential environmental control systems for a Mach 3 type commercial aircraft, Roland James Watts

The effect of two different film dialogues on hospitalized paranoid schizophrenic and nonpsychotic patients' multiple choice interpretations of ambiguous photographic slides, Edgar W. Waybright

Energetics of a natural population of the sphaeriid clam, Musculium partumeium (Say) from a permanent pond, Carl Michael Way

Application of microencapsulation for electroluminescent panel lamps, Dennis Wayne Weatherby

An evaluation of prevailing attitudes toward the educable mentally retarded in the City of Miamisburg, James A. Weaver

An analysis of therapeutic foster family and parent variables that relate to placement success, Jonathan Clark Weaver

A computer aided approach to the siting of small wind energy conversion systems in the Greater Miami Valley Area, Marja Ann Ross Weaver

A grant proposal for a two-year commercial Spanish program at Southern State Community College, Vicky Lynn Weaver

A comparative study of the cardiovascular dynamics in Bufo marinus and Rana catesbiana, Melanie Ann Webb

Utilization of an experimental taxonomy in an environmental program for the severely behaviorally handicapped, Patrick Madden Webb

Teachers' reactions to the use of a checklist for evaluating Hispanic American children's literature, Sarah K. Webb

An environmental education curriculum guide, Christine Weber

Reliability and maintainability of electro-mechanical business machines, Daniel J. Weber

The Christian virtue of solidarity : a vision of evangelization for U.S. Catholic missions to Latin America, Joseph Edward Weber

An evaluation of behavior modification on time on-task among students with attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, Susanne Elizabeth Weber Sleeper

A study of college secretarial education in relation to the automated office : in order to propose curriculum changes and to make recommendations for high school counseling, Janice May Miller Webster

Using picture books in mini-lessons to support children's writing, Gina G. Weckesser

Man and fear in science fiction of the sixties,, Martha Jane Branham Weedman

Attitudes of intermediate elementary school students toward the practice of inclusion, Elizabeth L. Weeks

A descriptive analysis of the moral stages of development of ninth-, tenth-, eleventh-, and twelfth-grade students, Gary Phillip Wegley

Educational activities of the Santa Maria Institute, Mary Walter Wehmhoff

Teaching learning disabled students through their individual learning styles, Judith Carol Wehr

The isolation and partial characterization of canine and feline cell lines used in the development of an in vitro model to study pili-mediated adherence, Gwenn Wehrkamp


The virtue of detachment in the Christian tradition : a study of St. John of the Cross and Thomas Merton, David C. Weickert

Investigation of academic cheating practices as found in the eleventh and twelfth grade social studies, Richard E. Weider

An experimental study of cooperative learning teams in a language arts classroom, Sandra Sue Smith Weidner

Effects of body dissatisfaction and depression on body image distortion, Jean Ann Weiffenbach-Cook

Uncovering mystery : a developmental experiential approach to wholeness, Gay Marie Weimer

A handbook to develop computer literacy and problem solving skills in high-ability fifth and sixth grade students through computer programming, Janet Lynne Snyder Weimer

Implementation of frequency control for a cascaded doubly fed machine used in brushless variable speed constant frequency generation, Joseph Anthony Weimer

Effect of cyanogen bromide digested histocompatibility antigens on graft survival in mice,, Joan Heller Hutzler Weinberg

The restoration and reconstruction of broadband imagery steered using a liquid crystal optical phased array, Jeffrey Joseph Weinschenk

Determination of liquid-side mass transfer coefficients in mechanically-agitated vessels, James Patrick Weir


Online risk behaviors, Jason E. Weisman

Comparative effects of oral literature and basal reader approaches upon the attitude and achievement of intermediate students, Sandra Jane Weisman

Criteria for predicting spin susceptibility of fighter-type aircraft, Robert Weissman

Coding processes in visual word recognition, Neil Gordon Weiss

Computer program for arterial traffic study and signal offset selection, Roger F. Weiss

The use of literature with written and oral expression in the LD classroom, Janice A. Weitzel

Problems in the implementation of technology in an educational setting, Brian Paige Welch

An annotated bibliography of selected good literature for junior high students, Doris E. Troyer Welch

The effect of motivation for televised aggression and a child's moral judgement level on modeled aggression, Thomas Michael Welch

Flicker in wide angle visual systems, William Ludwig Welde

An individualized instruction program for ninth grade general mathematics, Pamela Sue Welge

Comparison of WISC and WISC-R scaled scores, James Maurice Wellbaum

A study of the correlation between listening skills and reading comprehension of first grade students with suggested instructional activities to strengthen listening skills, Deborah Sue Meyer Wells

Evaluating the opinions of teachers on the implementation of a full-day kindergarten program, Lisa Michele Wells

A comparison of science process skills of fourth grade students using alternative assessment, Shirley Welshans

The Blessed Virgin and the major non-Catholic poets, British and American, of the nineteenth century, Francis Xavier Welsh

The war of a thousand years : the Saint Augustine News and its coverage of the Second Seminole War, 1838-1842, Michael Edward Welsh


Quantitative analysis of 3D images formed using range compressed holography, Thomas Joseph Welsh

The effect of evaporation on the dynamic capillary pressure in heat pipes, David Edward Welter

Thermo-elastic detection of heat damage in composites, John Thomas Welter


Color constancy for stereo imaging, Bo Wen

A series of units designed to make social studies more relevant for the pupils in the third year at U.S. Grant School in Dayton, Ohio, Eileen R. Wening

Teaching aphasic children : a classroom study using a phonetic approach to teach aphasic children at the Kennedy School for the Oral Deaf, Dayton, Ohio, Genevieve Marie Wening

Faith and knowledge in the philosophy of Gabriel Marcel : a Thomistic contrast, Gerald G. Wening

A resource guide for the teachers of spelling in the elementary grades, Rosemary T. Wermert

A survey of the comparable success of the initial teaching alphabet and of traditional orthography as a medium for beginning reading instruction in the Centerville City Schools, Canice Werner

Faulkner's use of irony as a unifying device in Light in August"", Mary Jane Werner

The universal in Marjorie Agosin's human rights poetry, Sarah Marie Werner

The effects of simulation and creative activities in reading on superior and below average students, Mary Karen Werra

Improving vocabulary with the second grade Navajo students, Mary Alice Weschler

Evaluating the effects of a planned program in reading aloud children's literature : on the attitudes of first grade students, Amy Joe Montgomery Wesler

Male pronuclear development in vitro in sea urchin egg extracts, Melissa Lynn Westbrook

The differences in academic self-concept of fourth and fifth grade students in multi-age classrooms : as compared to single grade classrooms due to the effects of ability grouping, Barbara Lee Heller Westendorf

The 1961 crisis in freedom of choice in education, Olivia Westendorf

The availability of fellowships for in-service teachers, Robert W. Westerbeck

The localization of adenylate cyclase in Euglena gracilis, Mark Edward Westgate

A comparison of parent-child and stepparent-stepchild relationships in structurally distinct stepfamilies, Venette Cochiolo Westhoven

Peer tutoring in the supplemental reading program, Joyce Ann Griffin West

A political history of Jackson Hole National Monument,, Lawrence M. West

The effects of critical thinking instruction upon secondary science students, Mary E. West

The effects of a discovery approach to science on preoperational logical-mathematical development, Sandra Ruth Brown West

Determination of hydroperoxides in jet fuel via reaction with triphenylphosphine, Zachary John West

Female aggressiveness following betrayal by a male romantic partner, Rosemarie Wetterau

Evaluation of oil discharges to the storm sewer system during rainfalls, Lawrence Albert Wettering

Dynamic response of a mid-infrared thermorefractive switch using CaFb2s fibers, Jason Douglas Wetzel

The cognitive dissonance vs. self-perception controversy and the non-behavioral dissonance design,, James M. Weyant

Normal and neurotic risk taking behavior,, Patricia Ann Murphy Weyant

Superglue and other stories, Lesley Anne Whalen

Assessing learning style diversity among secondary school learners, Dennis Wyatt Whanger

The effect of reading circles on sophomore attitudes, S. Linda Wheatley

The detection and frequency of the atrazine degrading genes atzA and trzD by PCR amplification of DNA isolated from agricultural and wetland bacteria and bacteriophage, Kevin A. Wheeler


Diverse polarization extension to MUSIC applied to a circular array of h-plane horns, Jedidiah James Whelan

Improving classroom teacher attitudes toward mainstreamed gifted children at the elementary level, Sharon Christian Whelan

The relationship between measured aptitudes and interests and school achievement in a vocational education program, Betty Joann Low Wherley

Investigation of the role of additives in the improvement of jet fuel thermal stability using a quartz crystal microbalance and oxygen monitoring, Shawn Douglas Whitacre

A parent handbook of book units for use in the home with kindergarten children, Ann Raye White

A study of third grade students from intact family units and non- intact family units : with regard to mathematics achievement as measured by standardized tests and teachers' evaluations, Carol Bonham Whitehead


Efficient digital color image demosaicing directly to YCbCr 4:2:0, Daniel Christopher Whitehead

A handbook for teaching first grade health through literature, Idah Reah D. White

An examination of the relationship between self-esteem and reading achievement in sixth, seventh and eighth grade LD students, Jane Marie White

Manganese glass-molybdenum metallized and copper brazed 99.5% alumina ceramics, Koto White

Visual perception training for kindergarten children : research action project, Nancy Ann Parker White

Growth, reproduction and thermal tolerance of the Asiatic clam, Corbicula fluminea, in a northern temperate habitat, Patricia A. White

Computer program for optimizing three-stage Vuilleumier cycle cryogenic refrigerators : project report, Ronald White

The effectiveness of a criterion-referenced test as the sole indicator of reading skill attainment, Gloria Mae Jackson Whiteside

Assessing elementary physical education curriculum through the use of health related fitness testing, Robert Joe Whiteside


Propagation of Gaussian beams through a modified von Karman phase screen, Erica Marie Whitfield

A social studies field trip handbook for intermediate grades, Richard Lee Whitman

A study in humane education, Mary Lenore Whyte

Differential cerebral processing in letter detection with visually or acoustically confusable embedding contexts, Joseph Dwight Wiant

Christian consciousness and the self, Joseph Frederick Wicker

Design & application of a high-speed Shack-Hartmann wave-front sensor, Jeffrey James Widiker

Image post-processing technique for extending the microscope depth of focus, Taufiq Widjanarko

Effects of involvement on preferences and expectations for counselor response style, Kevin Jay Wildenhaus

Magnetic flux measurements using analog and digital techniques, Joyce Raymond Wild

Nathaniel Massie : his role in the original organization of the State of Ohio, Gail Wiley

From Elizabeth Bennet to Bridget Jones : the changing face of the romance heroine, Megan Katherine Wilhelm


Destined for trouble? : a prospective analysis of the effects of temperament and parenting on conduct problems, Sarah A. Wilhoit

Whole language : a new and necessary section for the United States' three-to-six Montessori language curriculum, Cynthia Ann Wilimitis

A program of supplemental activities for kindergarten children who are advanced in reading, Shirley Reynolds Wilimitis

A tutorial on agitator design for liquid blending, Robert Joseph Wilkens

The public leftist scholar and the new rhetoric, Christopher L. Wilkey

A case study examining the instructional practices within the public school system for a child with autism, Ann E. Williams

Coping with chronic illness : an exploration of physical, spiritual and religious coping mechanisms, Carol Giglia Williams

The effects of an early release program on the average daily attendance of severe behavior handicapped students in a public high school, Donald Lawrence Williams

Guiding second graders to an awareness of the working world, Dora May Sayers Williams

Improving reading comprehension through writing, Wendy Gail Williams-Ford


Strategies for improved microgrid system selection for the electrification of rural areas, Jada Bennette Williams

An evaluation study using three different communication boards with a primary age nonverbal student, John Robert Williams

An action research study using a literature-based approach in a seventh grade English class, Judith E. Williams

Teacher proximity and student behavior : a historical review, Larry E. Williams

Use of the revised behavioral summarized evaluation to differentiate Asperger's syndrome from autism, Lindsey Williams

A religion curriculum on peace and justice for second graders, Mary Paulena Williams

The effect of content and isolated reading on vocational students' reading performance, M. Christine Bahr Williams

It's hard at the end of the day : a volunteering experience in Great Britain, Megan Elizabeth Williams

The origins of West Germany's new Ostpolitik", 1958-1963 ", Michael Walter Williams

A study of the versatility of the Dayton public school teachers during World War II, Thelma M. Williamson

The study of pulsed collinear amplification in Coumarin 500 methanol dye solution, Vanessa Nicole Williamson

Improving students' attitudes toward reading through newspapers as a supplement to the basal reader, Paula Marie Shuter Williams

A handbook of reading and math learning centers for the fourth grade, Rhea Ellen Williams

Piaget's theory of thought activity as related to an arithmetic achievement test battery, Robert Pete Williams

The efficacy of assisted reading techniques : a review of research, Suzanne S. Williams

The argument for small-scale farming and the divine comedy : a rhetorical analysis of Wendell Berry's Remembering and Edward Abbey's The fool's progress, Todd M. Williams

A study comparing the concerns identified by mothers with those identified by fathers of children less than 40 months old who have been referred for early intervention services, Helen F. Willis

Assessment of the principal's role in the guidance program in selected schools of the Greater Pittsburgh area, Louis Mary Will

A program to teach comprehension skills to below average first graders, Mary Victora Will

The Church of God pastor as crisis counselor in the state of Ohio, Larry James Willoughby

Design and calibration of a Mach 3 free-jet wind tunnel, Thomas K. Wills

Truthfulness in advertising, Virgil L. Will

Cognitive correlates of sex role status : differential evaluation and retention of competing arguments, Kathy Sue Wilm

The relative effects of subject sex, positive feedback, and positive verbal reinforcement on intrinsic motivation, Alice Isabel Wilson

A study of the effect of sustained silent reading on attitudes toward reading : and on the comprehension gains of tenth grade remedial reading students, Barbara Ann Russell Wilson


Synthesis, characterization, DNA binding and photocleavage studies of a di-ruthenated porphyrin, Dale Fredrick Wilson

A handbook for integrating children's literature into a fourth grade science course of study, Dana L. Wilson

To speak with one voice : a history of the constitutions and rule of life of the Missionary Servants of the Most Blessed Trinity, Deborah Lynn Wilson

Effects of scene modulation, image blur and noise upon human target acquisition performance, Denise LaVerne Wilson

A handbook of selected third grade reading activities which incorporate environmental influences, Judith Ann Wilson

An exploratory study of concept mapping as a methodology for assessing the correspondence between an interface and the task domain of the user, Karen Starr Wilson

A handbook of listening, speaking, and creative writing activities and ideas for use with first graders, Martha A. Wilson

Spiritual practice and burnout among special educators in a small town school district, Matthew Amos Wilson

A study of the test of cognitive skills and the Ohio Fourth Grade Proficiency Tests, Megan E. Wilson

Development of a nongraded art program for the elementary schools in Tipp City, Ohio, Nannette W. Wilson

The effects of radioactive tags on the activity of small mammals as determined by a new monitoring device, Richard E. Wilson

An evaluation of an individualized spelling program for the eighth grade at Frank Nicholas School applying the Botel Multi-Level Spelling Program, Ronald L. Wilson

Masculine gender role stress : extending construct validity, Phillip Wayne Winfield

The effects of seriation ability and the number of comparative terms on preschool and kindergarten children's transitive inference performance, Linda Kay Davis Winges

Improving self-concept through teaching to learning styles and using motivational techniques, Cheryl Denise Whitaker Winghart

Employers' attitudes toward handicapped workers, Karen Sue Townsend Wing

Laterality differences in the simultaneous detection of letters and Landolt rings,, Gary Lee Winn

A theoretical and empirical investigation of a link between creativity and narcissism, Oliver Wirth

The development of motivation activities to be used in consumer economics, Cheryl Kay Lewis Wise

Independence modeling in a chronic patient population, Mark Alan Wise

The effects of Reading Recovery on the reading ability of low achieving first graders, Phyllis A. Wise

The design of industrial relay switching circuits : a programmed instruction, William Rodney Wishard

Developing critical thinking and understanding through the social studies, Gertrude Marie Wisniewski

A comparison of a traditional language intervention to an in-class language intervention approach, Anne Cecilia Lill Wisniowski

A handbook : cooperative learning activities for middle school mathematics, Janis Gail Wisnyai


Role of growth regulatory pathways in eye development and differentiation, Erika Lynn Wittkorn

Dynamic testing, David Patrick Wittman

The relationship between labor and capital as described in Rerum novarum, Quadragesimo anno and Laborem exercens, Christopher Thomas Wittmann

An analytical representation of an impact test facility, Thomas J. Wittmann

Organic pathology and experimental conditions as determinants of social interaction behavior in aged hospitalized adults, Mary Jane Wodynski

The effect on learning of replacing an expository text with a narrative text in a junior college accounting principles course, John P. Woeste

The first Franciscan missionaries to Mexico, Gil James Wohler

Functional math: flow charts, calculator and practical problems, Donald Ray Wojciechowski

Analysis of the performance of the refrigeration compressor discharge valve, Anatol Wojtowicz

A study of the occupational information and vocational guidance services in Seventh-Day Adventist secondary schools throughout the United States and Canada, Wesley Arthur Wolcott

A laboratory manual and handbook for high school chemistry, James William Wolfe

Speculations on Emily Dickinson's religious orientation, Grace Doyan Wolff

A suggested resource guide on organized elementary physical education activities for use in the Sidney city schools, John V. Wolfinger

Crystallization and glass formation in the CaFb2sA1Fb3sPb25s ssystem, James Douglas Wolf

The enhancement of the p6s[subscript 72] flourescence of Gdp3s+ n SrFb2s containing Cep3s+ sas a codopant, James Louis Wolf

The evaluation of whole language reading instruction in a primary learning disability classroom, Jan Wolf

Measurement of electric field and electrical conductivity in propane-air flames using Rydberg state stark spectroscopy, Marsha Jo Case Wolf

Developing a handbook for the remediation of the disabled reader, Susan Rae Wolf

Soil microbial dynamics as a functional indicator of wetland restoration success, Julie V. Wolters

The effects of time-compressed presentation of information and task difficulty on learning a simulated flight task, Christine M. Wong

Stability and temperature coefficients of bonded permanent magnets, Kar Ming Dominic Wong

Design of a clock system for a MOS terminal, Manuel Wong

Gaussian to uniform laser beam transformation using apodization and homogenization techniques, Thomas Wing-Cheong Wong

Recognition of unfamiliar faces as a function of visual field, spatial frequency content and viewing perspective, John Leonard Woodard

The effects of deinstitutionalization on adaptive and maladaptive behavior of the elderly mentally retarded, Julie Ann Ippolito Woodard

Sex differences and their relation to a measure of spatial perception,, Brian Jon Wood

Fears of students entering first grade, Cynthia Lynn Wood

Theory and design of a third order phaselocked-loop, David Alan Wood

The effect of the use of the newspaper in teaching critical reading through propaganda techniques, Phyllis Elaine Schafer Wooddell

Individualism and collectivism : relationship to race and family structure, Victor D. Wooddell

We be different, let's celebrate, Margaret Ann Wooden

AIS, an information science research vehicle,, James Alford Wood

Teaching critical thinking skills with children's literature, Jerralyn Scott Wood

The effects of cooperative learning on achievement and attitude of secondary students, Kathleen Wood


A dialogue on feminist Biblical hermeneutics : Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza, Musa Dube, and John Paul II on Mark 5 and John 4, Maureen Maeve Wood

Adaptive versus discrete changes of difficulty in the training of complex perceptual-motor task, Milton E. Wood

The effects of domestic travel on the attitudes of high school seniors in the USA toward travel as an educational tool, Ralph Merton Wood

A true-experimental analysis of the effects of using two spelling practices to help second grade students memorize spelling words, Tina Ruth Woodruff

The use of gender-exclusive language in religious sermons, Melanie Leigh Woods

The development of the structure and content of a second course in high school chemistry for the gifted student in a school employing a non-track first-year chemistry program, Thomas E. Wood

A microcomputer based data acquisition system, Thomas Paine Wood

Gender differences in fraction problem solving in high and low planning groups, Susan J. Woodward

Planning and implementing a library-centered individualized reading program for intermediate above average students, Shirley Jean Benford Woodyard

Luminescence in ion implanted ZnTe, William Ray Woody

The effect of distraction on sexist humor elicitation : a test of a theory based on the elaboration likelihood model of persuasion, Julie Ann Woodzicka

Deflection of large diameter corrugated steel pipe aerial beams, Warren Andrew Woogen

An intra-class grouping program for the teaching of measurement and per cent in a seventh grade mathematics class, Judith Worden

Surface characterization of an energetic material, pentaerythritoltetranitrate (PETN), having a thin coating achieved through a starved addition microencapsulation technique, Cynthia Marie Frederick Worley

Believing in myself, my family, and my community" : activities to enhance the primary social studies curriculum ", Mary Elaine Elizabeth Worman

A handbook of elementary school animal activities : inside and outside the classroom, Sally Hopson Worman


Carbon lock-in and decarbonization pathways at the University of Dayton, Matthew Worsham

A report on a survey of selected factors that may influence the level of achievement in general science by Stivers High School freshmen, Robert D. Worst

An evaluation of the effects of alphabet book reading and storybook reading on the letter identification of preschool children, Jane M. Worth

Young adult faith development : qualitative analysis in Northeast Mississippi, Amy Jo Wortmann

A survey of college student services needs of adult women in rural West Central Ohio, Barbara Ann Davis Wourms

A study examining the relationship between behavior and achievement among fourth-grade students, Denise Marie Wright


Combining blocked and interleaved presentation during passive study and its effect on inductive learning, Emily G. Wright

Appraising teacher influence in classroom discussion, Esther Jo Fuhlhage Wright

Teaching children and parents how to make healthier food choices, Jeanne C. Wright

Computer aided circuit design,, William George Wright


Force fight study in a dual electromechanical actuator configuration, Daniel G. Wroble


Wavefront control with realistic spatial light modulator in a multi-aperture imager, Guimin Wu

Yield values of thixotropic suspensions and methods of their determination, Kuck-King Wu

Weibull analyses of the oxidation resistance of coated refractory metals, John C. Wurst

Evaluating the effects of foreign travel on the learning of foreign languages, Lynn R. Wurzelbacher

Novel wiregrid micropolarizers for infrared imaging polarimetry, Zhi Wu

A descriptive analysis of the congruence between theoretical and practical uses of standardized testing versus authentic assessment, Beth Anne Wyandt

Physiological remodeling of implanted ceramics, Dennis Francis Wyatt


The contextualized Noah : the deluge patriarch in Genesis, Jubilees, and Pseudo-Philo, James Culver Wykes

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