The Thomas C. Hunt Building a Research Community Day, launched in 2006, showcases faculty research in the School of Education and Health Sciences. In addition to featuring research presentations, the School recognizes summer research grant recipients and Global Education Seminar participants; announces new grant awardees; and presents the annual faculty awards. The 2024 event took place Friday, April 19.

2023 Co-chairs: Gerry Gallo and Rachel Vaglienti

Honors and awards committee: Rochonda Nenonene, Ph.D., Aaliyah Baker, Ph.D., Kurt Jackson, Ph.D., Graham Hunter, Ph.D.


Presentations from 2023


Enhancing School Psychologists’ Consultation Skills to Support Students with Anxiety, Elana R. Bernstein

Multistage Development of a Clinical Performance Assessment of Physical Therapist Students and Clinical Instructors, Sean Patrick Gallivan

The Importance of Parent Involvement in School-Based Mental Health Services, Layla J. Kurt

Developing Culturally Responsive Anti-Racist Activists, Novea McIntosh and Rochonda Nenonene

Energy Drink Consumption and Among Video Gamers, Hoazhou Pu, Diana Cuy Castellanos, and Dana Roscoe

3D Scanners in Pediatrics, Trisha Renner and Betsy Donahoe Fillmore


Developing a Mindset: The Role of Clinical Practice in Preservice Teachers’ Understandings about Dyslexia, Mary-Kate Sableski


Teachers’ Contexts, Their Instruction and Math Achievement: Evidence from the 2018 TALIS-PISA Link Data, Meredith L. Wronowski and Xiaoyuan Chen

Presentations from 2022

An Evaluation of a Fitness Battery and Complementary Fitness Tests for Adults with Intellectual Differences Engaged in Personal Training, Matt Beerse and Gerry Gallo

Neurocognitive Capabilities and Physiological Responses to Cognitive Stress as well as General Health and Fitness Measurements in Competitive Gamers versus Non-Gamers, Anne R. Crecelius and Nicole Hetrick


Supporting Students after Concussion: What College Faculty Need to Know, Susan C. Davies

Cancer-Related Fatigue Rehabilitation Delivered via eHealth: A Feasibility Study, Mary I. Fisher, Anne Fleischer, Kelsy Measles, and Evan Bartlett

Higher Education and Student Affairs Faculty as Academic Planners: Perspectives on Course Planning and Facilitation, Graham Hunter

Culturally Responsive Education: Teacher Education Fit for the Times, Novea McIntosh and Rochonda L. Nenonene

Interprofessional Research in Behavioral Health Sciences, Meredith Montgomery, Elana R. Bernstein, and Susan C. Davies


Schedule: 17th Annual Thomas C. Hunt Building a Research Community Day, Rochonda L. Nenonene

Non-Fungible Tokens and the Digital Economy in Sports, Haozhou Pu


2022 School of Education and Health Sciences Faculty Awards, University of Dayton. School of Education and Health Sciences

Cocurricular Book Clubs in Teacher Education, Vanessa Winn

Reading, Knowing and Being: Responses to Reading Social Justice Advocates’ Memoirs, Vanessa Winn

Presentations from 2021

SEL Implementation in Schools: Establishing a Line of Inquiry through Mentorship of Student Research, Elana R. Bernstein

Creating Inviting School Cultures During COVID-19: The Role of the Principal, Corinne Brion (0000-0001-6151-525X)

Health Literacy of African Immigrants and Refugees in the Dayton area, Amy Christopher

Personality and Behavioral Influence on Physician Assistant and Pharmacy Student Perceptions of Interprofessional Education, Amy Christopher and Lindsey Hammett

Cerebral Blood Flow Measurements in the IHPL, Anne R. Crecelius

Pilot Nutrition, Fitness and Injury Screening Clinic: Accomplishments and Outlook, Diana Cuy-Castellanos, Matt Beerse, Gerry Gallo, Rebecca Gonter-Dray, and Anne R. Crecelius

Exploring the Eating Experience in Individuals Recently Diagnosed with Celiac Disease, Jennifer Dalton and Diana Cuy-Castellanos


Brain Health Research Collaborative, Susan C. Davies

Promoting Equity: Differences in Financial Resources Allocation Between Urban Early College High Schools and Traditional Public High Schools, Steven Hinshaw

Recommendations for Student Affairs Faculty and Programs: A Content Analysis, Graham Hunter

Special Education Preservice Teachers’ Self-Efficacy Toward Teaching STEAM, Catherine Mary Lawless and Lindsay A. Gold

Overcoming Barriers to Men's Mental Health: Research Update, Meredith Montgomery

Esports and Sport Gamification during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Haozhou Pu and Corinne M. Daprano

Effects of Extracurricular Physical Activity on Strength, Balance, Endurance and Quality of Life on Children with Disabilities, Trisha Renner and Betsy Donahoe-Fillmore


Improving Access for Women in Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET) in India: A Policy Gap Analysis, Matthew A. Witenstein


“We’ve Been Forgotten”: First-hand Perspectives on Teacher Leaders and Teacher Leadership in Urban Schools, Meredith L. Wronowski, James Olive, Wesley Henry, and Bryan VanGronigen

Presentations from 2020


Evaluation of the Social-Emotional Learning Language Arts (SELLA) Program in Elementary Classrooms, Elana R. Bernstein


Assessing Food Safety Culture: A Comparative Study Between Independent and Chain Ethnic Restaurants, Basem Boutros


Interprofessional Healthcare Student Perceptions of Clinical Experience Effectiveness After Participation in Local Underserved Health Clinics, Amy Christopher


Factors Related to Food Insecurity in the University of Dayton Student Population, Diana K. Cuy Castellanos

The Lived Eating Experiences After Treatment for Head and Neck Cancer: Finding Meaning and Purpose, Jennifer Dalton


2020 Award Presentations and Closing Remarks, Corinne M. Daprano


School-based Support for Families of Students with Traumatic Brain Injuries, Susan C. Davies


Global Education Seminar: Pathway to Integrating Teaching, Research, and Service in Togo, West Africa, Joseph M. Day


Fear of Physical Activity Hinders Functional Return in Women Treated for Breast Cancer, Mary Insana Fisher (0000-0003-0531-591X), Anne Fleischer, Taylor Bergin, and Christine DeLong


Developing University Faculty for Success in Working with Multilingual Students, Colleen E. Gallagher


Meeting Community and Student Needs Through a Sports Nutrition and Wellness Club, Rebecca M. Gonter-Dray and Diana K. Cuy Castellanos


A Culturally Responsive Art Education for Girls: Moving the Margins in Malawi, Novea McIntosh and R. Darden Bradshaw


Stakeholder Perceptions and Impact of a K-12 External Counseling and Family Advocacy Program: A Case Study of Empowering Children with Hope and Opportunity (ECHO), Rhonda Mercs


Global Education Seminar: Seeing Africa through the Eyes of an Educator, Rochonda L. Nenonene