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Automatic registration of optical aerial imagery to a LiDAR point cloud for generation of large scale city models, Bernard Olushola Abayowa

The role of philosophy of ethics in educational leadership, Fahmi H. Abboushi


Effects of voids on delamination behavior under static and fatigue mode I and mode II, Nisrin Rizek Abdelal

Adaptive beam shaping using electro-optic micro-lenses and hybrid acousto-optics, Yasser A. Abdelaziez


FPGA-based coherent doppler processor for marine radar applications, Hamdi Eltayib Abdelbagi


The Effect Upon Antenna Arrays of Variations of Element Orientation and Spacing in the Presence of Channel Noise, with an Application to Direction Finding, Faraj Abdelhafeid


Non-uniform 3D antenna array optimal configuration via extremum seeking control, Mosa Aboabdalla Abdesalam


Applications of induced gratings in nonlinear media, Haburugala Vithanage Ujitha A. Abeywickrema


Utilizing Facebook to articulate self and sustain community: experiences of undergraduate students on a midwestern campus, Karen Abney Korn


Smart growing rod device for the treatment of early onset scoliosis, Osama Abohamiara Abolaeha

Process discovery : automated process development for the control of polymer curing, Frances Louise Abrams


Simulation of the scattered EM field of a moving dynamic object using static data, Esmail Mohamed Mohamed Abuhdima

Athletic training education program director burnout : contributing factors, Bradley Keith Adams

Design and verification of a full sized emulation laboratory for vehicle dynamic ride control suspension tuning, Demetris Andreou Agrotis

Varactor based capacitive shunt switch using BaSrTiO₃ (BST) thin-films for microwave applications, Faruque Ahamed

Entropy based design and topology optimization for multifunctional composite aircraft skins, Kristopher Henry Otto Ahlers

Distortion-invariant pattern recognition using adaptive correlators with wavelet features and non-linear processing, Farid Ahmed

End-to-end quality of service guarantees to video and multimedia traffic over next generation optical networks, Mohammad Ferdous Alam

Image processing and computation using joint transform correlator, Mohammad Showkat-Ul Alam


Self-organizing approach to learn a level-set function for object segmentation in complex background environments, Fatema A. Albalooshi


The face of God at the end of the road : the sacramentality of Jack Kerouac in Lowell, America, and Mexico, Louis T. Albarran


Graduate preparation of school psychologists in serving English language learners, Morgan J. Aldridge


Delamination in hybrid carbonglass fiber composites, Hassan Ali Alessa


Aerodynamic analysis of natural flapping flight using a lift model based on spanwise flow, L. D. Alford


Investigation of negative refractive index in isotropic chiral metamaterials under first and second-order material dispersion with and without conductive loss, Tarig Abobaker Algadey


Engineering and modeling carbon nanofiller-based scaffolds for tissue regeneration, Nuha Hamad Al Habis


Semi-active control of air-suspended tuned mass dampers, Fahad Abdulrahman Alhujaili

Floor vibration control using three-degree-of-freedom tuned mass dampers, Khalid Ibraheem Al-Hulwah


Position-adaptive direction finding for multi-platform RF emitter localization using extremum seeking control, Huthaifa Ahmad Al Issa

Narrow linewidth terahertzgeneration from two seeded periodically poled lithium niobate optical parametric generators and applications, Rashid Ahmed Alkuwari

Behavior of capillary-pumped loops in low gravity, Jeffrey Stuart Allen


Engineered carbon foam for temperature control applications, Mohammad Rajab Almajali


Rapidly locating and accurately tracking the center of mass using statically equivalent serial chains, Ali Soud Almandeel


Intense, ultrashort pulse, vector wave propagation in optical fibers, Mohammad Almanee


Secure chaotic transmission of digital and analog signals under profiled beam propagation in acousto-optic Bragg cells with feedback, Fares Saleh S. Almehmadi


The Dual of SU(2) in the Analysis of Spatial Linkages, SU(2) in the Synthesis of Spherical Linkages, and Isotropic Coordinates in Planar Linkage Singularity Trace Generation, Saleh Mohamed Almestiri


Extraction of weak target features from radar tomographic imagery, Muhannad Salem S. Almutiry


Novel application of combined heat and power for multi-family residences and small remote communities, Saeed A. Alqaed


Supercapacitors based on carbon nanotube fuzzy fabric structural composites, Bakheet Awad Alresheedi


Multi-spectral remote thermal imaging for surface emissivity and estimation of roof R-values using physics-based and data mining models, Abdulrahman A. Alrobaian


A novel tuned visco-elastic damper for floor vibration abatement, Wail Saad Al-Rumaih


Examination of acousto-optic chaos and application to RF signal encryption and recovery, Mohammed A. Al-saedi

TCP throughput enhancement in wireless computer networks, Ghazwan Al-Salehi


A novel design for solar-powered thermal desalination, Mishal Barki Alsehli


Estimating envelope thermal characteristics from single point in time thermal images, Salahaldin Faraj Alshatshati


Principal point determination for camera calibration, Abdulrahman Saleh Alturki


Design and simulation of multifunctional optical devices using metasurfaces, Saleimah Alyammahi

High school principals in South West Ghana : profiles and perceptions regarding problems of practice, Michael Amakyi


Dynamic modeling and verification of an energy-efficient greenhouse with an aquaponic system using TRNSYS, Majdi Talal Amin


Complete path planning of higher DOF manipulators in human like environments, Hariharan S. Ananthanarayanan

Kinetic studies of the hydroxyl radical reaction with PAHs, Rajeshwar Ananthula


Orientation models for summer education abroad programs and the development of intercultural competency, Amy Eileen Anderson

A study of optimal use of wind turbines and solar photovoltaic panels in a hybrid configuration, Loren Albin Anderson


A psychosocial intervention for a male elementary student with a traumatic brain injury and executive functioning deficits, Natalie L. Anderson

Speaker independent phoneme recognition using an auditory model and a neural network, Timothy Ray Anderson

The effects of a gender awareness training program on graduate students in an educational leadership program, Mary Lou Scholl Andrews

Making woman-meaning : the story of us, Mary Anne Angel


Quality and importance of education on health policy and public health topics : a study in physician assistant higher education, Frances M. Angerer-Fuenzalida

Constitutivefailure model for the static and dynamic behaviors of concrete incorporating effects of damage and anisotropy, Tarabay H. Antoun

A case study of a degree completion program at a midwest university, Emmanuel Osita Anunike

Synthesis and fracture resistance behavior of NbNb₅Si₃ powder metallurgy composites, Leslie Steele Apgar


A semblance of things unseen : damaged experience and aesthetic recovery in Theodor Adorno and Hans Urs Von Balthasar, Wesley James Arblaster


Proclaiming Christ : Thomas Aquinas and Karl Barth on handing on the word of God in human words, Matthew David Archer

A new and efficient theoretical model to analyze chirped grating distributed feedback lasers, Muhammad Arif


A self tunable transformation function for enhancement of images captured in complex lighting and hazy weather conditions, Sai Babu Arigela


Perceptions of transformational leadership : a study of high school principals, Anthony M. Armocida


Perceptions of executive functioning in young children following traumatic brain injury, Alison Elizabeth Armstrong-Betts


Under the veil of the Virgin: the gradually developing relationship of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus and of the Holy Face to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Christopher R. Armstrong

Development and application of face recognition technologies for automotive systems, Craig Martin Arndt

Uncloseting the abused : a historical survey of American lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered middle and secondary students' struggle for protection, Mary Lou Arons

Photon statistics and laser linewidth for microcavity semiconductor lasers, Hassan Ashour


Hierarchical autoassociative polynomial network for deep learning of complex manifolds, Theus H. Aspiras

Computational fluid dynamics simulations of jet fuel flow near the freeze point temperature, Rajee Assudani


Acceleration of cognitive domain ontologies, Tanvir Atahary

Investigations into the low temperature behavior of jet fuels : visualization, modeling, and viscosity studies, Daniel L. Atkins


Control of hypersonic high angle-of-attack re-entry flow using a semi-empirical plasma actuator model, Michael D. Atkinson

Computations and image processing techniques using polarization- encoded optical shadow-casting, Abdul A. S Awwal


Should they stay or should they go? How parents decide to enroll or withhold their late-birthday child from kindergarten, James Robert Ayers


Wave propagation in negative index materials, Rola Aylo

Synthesis and cure mechanism characterization of phenylethynyl-terminated imide oligomers, Susanna Branion Back


Surface chemistry of metal catalyst under carbon nanotube growth conditions, Tyson Cody Back

Pressure distribution from measured film thickness and temperature data for elastohydrodynamic point contact, Howard Edward Bandow

Stress analysis of composite laminates under transient dynamic and impact loading, Robin Banerjee


Principals' dispositions toward using a commercial protocol to screen teacher applicants, Kristin Elizabeth Barker


Investigation of low level neutron radiation on tantalum alloys for radioisotope power system applications, Chadwick Douglas Barklay

Terminal emulator for the high speed data bus : architecture performance analysis using a general purpose stochastic model, Ralph Emil Barrera

A study of the perceived frustrations of non-traditional students in traditional teacher education programs, Donna Marie Barron

Development of a field effect transistor using a DNA-biopolymer as the semiconducting layer, Carrie Marie Bartsch


A recursive phase retrieval technique using transport of intensity : reconstruction of imaged phase and 3D surfaces, Mahmudunnabi Basunia

Development of a novel magnetostrictive force sensor, Thomas Allen Baudendistel

Multiple frame image restoration techniques that employ color constraints and incorporate image distortions, Frank Orion Baxley


Francis and the feminine: a study of women and the Blessed Mother in the life of St. Francis, Edwin P. Beachum

Unsteady heat transfer in heat pipes, Jerry Edward Beam

Analysis of noise in p-type GaAsAl[subscript x]Ga[subscript 1-x]As multiple quantum well photoconductive photodetectors, Kenneth David Beasley

Leadership behaviors of allied health division chairs in two-year community colleges, Cynthia Ann Beckett


Effectiveness of a school-based modularized cognitive behavioral intervention for students who are gifted and experience anxiety, Lesley T. Beigel

Radiation effects on Gallium arsenide charge coupled devices with high resistivity gate structures, Raymond Del Favero Bellem

Optimal estimation applied to redundant strapped down inertial sensors for navigation and flight control, Jackie Wayne Bell

Natural history and bioenergetics of an endemic Hawaiian chironomid : fluctuating stability in a stochastic environment, Mark Eric Benbow

Characterization of ceramic drug delivery systems, and their application in regulating fertility, Hamed Abed Benghuzzi

Ignition of combustible fluids by heated surfaces, Joseph Michael Bennett

Morphology development of layered silicate epoxy based nanocomposites, Tia Benson Tolle

The coordinators and the teachers : a description of exemplary use of technology in elementary classrooms, Susan Flynn Berg


Versatile chromium-doped zinc selenide infrared laser sources, Patrick A. Berry

An exploration of preservice teachers and the functions of star teachers, Robert Eugene Best

Pseduomonas [i.e. Pseudomonas] aeruginosa and bacteriophage interactions : 16S rRNA gene acquisition and biofilm induction, Amy Elizabeth Beumer


Follow her lead: understanding the leadership behaviors of women executives, Lisa Mason Beutel

Electrohydrodynamic enhancement of heat transport capacity of micro heat pipe arrays, Wilbur W. Bhagat


Newt lens regeneration : role of Oct-4 in newt regenerating tissue and proteome analysis of regeneration competent vs. regeneration incompetent cells, Rital B. Bhavsar

The stories of adolescent mothers : hearing their voices in context and community, Julie King Biddle

Influence of fluid shear stress on the proliferation and differentiation of immature bone cells, William Guy Billotte

Imaging diffractometer with holographic encoding enhancements for laser sensing and characterization, Joseph L. Binford


Motivations for under-reporting suspected concussions in collegiate athletics, Brenna Bird

Effects of FOD on the fatigue crack initiation of ballistically impacted Ti-6Al-4V simulated engine blades, Janine C. Birkbeck

The design of a neural network that performs a complex mapping for phase sensitive detection and characterization of eddy current impedance plane data, Donald Luther Birx

A study of perceived general, intrinsic, and extrinsic job satisfaction among public school superintendents in Southwestern Ohio, Matthew Mark Bishop


When emotion stands to reason : a phenomenological study of composition instructors' emotional responses to plagiarism, Ann E. Biswas


A 'Vast practical embarrassment': John W. Nevin, the Mercersburg theology, and the Church question, Andrew Donald Black

Advanced holographic and interferometric NDE imaging systems for quantitative microcrack evaluation, James Lawrence Blackshire

Design of an integrated flightfire control system including movable gun and gimbaled line of sight tracker, John H. Blakelock

Development of nondestructive evaluation methods to characterize anomalous microstructures in Ti-6Al-4V, Mark P. Blodgett

Fabrication of orifice plates for ink-jet printing utilizing amorphous nickel-phosphorus electrodeposited alloy, Philip Louis Blue

Effects of fuel structure on emissions and stability in the well stirred reactor, James W. Blust

The effects of participation in college curricular and cocurricular programs on engineering alumni professional leadership practices, Patricia Yolanda Blyden


Contemporary attitudes towards Mary in the United States: the reception of ecumenical dialogues by clergy and laity of eight denominations, Donald Boccardi

The phase evolution, creep and tensile behavior of two-phase orthorhombic titanium alloys, Carl Boehlert


Several non-destructive inspection methods applied to quantify fretting fatigue damage in simulated Ti-6Al-4V turbine engine dovetail components, Michael H. Bohun


Strategies for the prevention and remediation of bacterial biofilms, Caitlin Lorraine Bojanowski


The Marian Presence in the life and works of Saint Ignatius of Loyola: from private revelation to spiritual exercises-- the cloth of Loyola's allegiance, Louis A. Bonacci

Single phase permanent magnet synchronous motors, William Urban Borger

External protective factors that promote resilience among students who live in high poverty and have experienced violence, Kathy Borneman

Analysis of metal-dielectric waveguide for the millimeter and submillimeter range, Kenneth Frank Bornhorst

An analysis of language maturity, verbal aggression, argumentativeness, and propensity toward violence in middle school adolescents, Marvenia Elaine Bosley

An experimental technique to evaluate free-edge residual stresses in layered material systems, Keith Bryan Bowman

Nonfaculty administrative African American women in the academy : extrinsic and intrinsic influences on their career successes and barriers, Roberta Bowens Boyd

A quantitative comparison of various secondary and tertiary processing methods for the purpose of tracking low observable targets, David Alan Brager

A comparative analysis of single-sex schools in terms of achievement in reading and math and student attendance, Debra Ann Brathwaite

Influence of glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor (GDNF) on the male germ-line and its disruption by nanoparticles, Laura Katherine Braydich-Stolle

A parameterized tool for the implementation of digital fuzzy logic controllers, Darryl W. Brayman

Image upconversion of glint returns with a multi-aperature ladar received system, Christopher David Brewer

A penalty function approach for the nonlinear finite element analysis of thin shells, Robert Allen Brockman


Parent education for kindergarten readiness with low income families : a mixed methods study, Diane Brogan-Adams

Transient thermal effects in disc brakes, Ben Joseph Brookman


Novel approaches to ferroelectric and gallium nitride varactors, Dustin Anthony Brown

A study of p-type GaAsAlGaAs multi-quantum well materials for normal incidence detection of infrared radiation, Gail J. Brown

The mechanisms of elevated temperature property losses in high performance structural epoxy resin matrix materials after exposures to high humidity environments, Charles Edward Browning

Beyond instructional leadership : exemplary practices of literacy leaders, Valerie Mae Browning

Effect of interfacial dynamics on the heat transfer of an evaporating meniscus, Jeffrey Richard Brown


Incorporating xiao : exploring Christ's filial obedience through Hans Urs von Balthasar and early Confucian philosophy, Joshua R. Brown


Souls in the Balance: The "Heresy Affair" at the University of Dayton, 1960-67, Mary Jude Brown

Administrative mentoring programs : their perceived impact upon entry-year principals in urban school districts, Norris L. Brown

Factors affecting reproductive success of male and female ruddy ducks (Oxyura jamaicensis) in southwestern Manitoba, Canada, Robert Brian Brua

CDA : does it make a difference in preschool classrooms?, Maureen Carroll Brustkern


A unified, multifidelity quasi-Newton optimization method with application to aero-structural design, Dean Edward Bryson

A coupled creep-plasticity model for residual stress relaxation of a shot-peened nickel-base superalloy, Dennis Justin Buchanan

Sliding mode control using a switching function incorporating the state trajectory approach angle, Kenneth Robert Buckholtz

Process control of advanced polymeric composites, Matthew B. Buczek


Mary and the acting person: an anthropology of participatory redemption in the personalism of Karol Wojtyla/ Pope John Paul II, Richard H. Bulzacchelli


Microstructure-sensitive models for predicting surface residual stress redistribution in PM Nickel-base superalloys, Micheal Eric Burba


Exploring best practices in developmental mathematics, Brian V. Cafarella

Improved atmospheric turbulence tilt-estimation and its effect on astronomical imaging, Stephen C. Cain

Experimental verification of a two scale model for high freestream turbulence flows, Gregory Charles Cala

Attitudes and perceptions of business people and educators involved in businesseducation partnerships about the partnership, Delila Gilson Callahan

High-stakes proficiency testing : Ohio's search for accountability, Michael Kim Calland

Lens regeneration and epithelial to mesenchymal transition in the mouse, Mus musculus, Mindy Kay Call


A mechanistic analysis of gene regulation and its evolution in a Drosophila model, Eric M. Camino


The historical development and theological foundations of devotion to the immaculate heart of Mary in relation to the sacred heart of Jesus, Dwight P. Campbell

Collaborative organizational and instructional concepts : a study of their impact on academic, attendance, and behavior indicators, Lawrence Joseph Campbell

Year-round schooling for academically at-risk students : outcomes and perceptions, Wallace D. Campbell


Associates of Iowa Cistercians and Presentation Associate Partners 1987 - 2012 : an ecclesiological investigation, Susanna Lynette Cantu Gregory


Investigation of acoustic emission and surface treatment to improve tool materials and metal forming process, Deming Cao

Analyses of high temperature heat pipe startup from the frozen state, Yiding Cao

Transition of a laminar separated shear layer in close proximity to a solid boundary, Caralee Angela Capone


Semiconductor optical amplifier as a phase modulator for short-pulse synthetic aperture ladar and vibrometry, Jennifer Lynn Carns


La virginidad de Maria: virginidad por el Reino: exploracion complexiva del ambiente socio-cultural-religioso de Jose y Maria previo a la Anunciacion y de su motivacion hacia un matrimonio celibatario, Osorio Ernesto María Caro


Examining the relationship of ethnicity, gender and social cognitive factors with the academic achievement of first-year engineering students, Bruce Henry Carr

A model for competing failures modes in elevated temperature strain cycle fatigue, Gerald Thomas Cashman


Deconstructing Eve : a critical feminist analysis of mid-level female administrators in conservative evangelical universities, Jennifer Lynn Castellani

The role of bulk additions in solid lubricant compacts, Phillip Warren Centers


Bioremediation of wastewater using microalgae, Saikumar Chalivendra

An analysis of the notion of trust in the literature of educational leadership : implications for professional development programs, Millie Loeser Chamberlin

Amphiphilic conjugated dendritic macromolecules by molecular engineering : properties and applications, Dong Wook Chang

Evaporation from a porous wick heat pipe, Houssam S. Chebaro


Synthesis and characterization of low dimensionality carbon nanostructures, Michael Hamilton Check


Acceleration of computer based simulation, image processing, and data analysis using computer clusters with heterogeneous accelerators, Chong Chen

Structures and properties of the (YBa₂Cu₃)₁₋[subscript x]Na[subscript x]O₇₋[subscript [delta] superconducting system, Christina Hongbing Chen


Optical vortex beams : generation, propagation and applications, Wen Cheng


Optimal denoising for photon-limited imaging, Wu Cheng


Focus engineering with spatially variant polarization for nanometer scale applications, Weibin Chen

Computations and image processing techniques using optical symbolic substitution, Abdallah K. Cherri

The academic identity construction of six academically able African American middle school males : a case study, Barbara Louise Chilton

Extinction of COb2s laser radiation under adverse weather conditions, Vincent Chimelis

Rubber toughening of a bismaleimide composite matrix resin, Jeongmi Cho


Mary, Chinese ancestor veneration, and the communion of saints, Celia Chua


Mary, the communion of saints and the Chinese veneration of ancestors, Celia Chua

Near-field to far-field radar cross section transform incorporating super-resolution imaging with MUSIC, Robert Anthony Clemens

K-12 teachers' self-perceived competence as a communicator, Rusty Clifford

Pedagogical implications when moving from a content-based to a competency-based curriculum : a case study of three national manufacturing education projects, Bonnie L. Coe

Assessing the effectiveness of observation training for clinical preceptors : implications for respiratory care education, David L. Collins


A study of surface motility and biofilm formation in pseudomonas aeruginosa quorum sensing and photodynamic antimicrobial chemotherapy, Tracy Lynn Collins

Extended antenna tolerance theory and its application to satellite antennas, Christopher Todd Colliver

Lay Catholic elementary principals in the state of Kansas : self-perceptions of their spiritual leadership and ministerial roles, Nick P. Compagnone

An interacting multiple model-joint belief probabilistic data association approach to group tracking, Thomas James Connare

Theoretical and computational design of terahertz frequency quantum cascade lasers, Adam Todd Cooney

Using performance and demographic data for assessing academic achievement in Ohio's joint vocational school districts, Eugene Paul Cordonnier

Experiences and meaning of urban public school teachers in a school choice environment, Reva Cardwell Cosby


Honor and caritas : Bartolomé de las Casas, soldiers of fortune, and the conquest of the Americas, Damian Costello


Evaluation of a packaged intervention for treating selective mutism : application in a school setting, Myra Cotton-Thomas


Grammar and glory : Eastern Orthodoxy, the resolute" Wittgenstein, and the theology of Rowan Williams ", D. Michael Cox

The effectiveness of career planning courses in enhancing career decision-making self efficacy, Susan H. Cox

Associations between institutional characteristics and credits-to-degree and time-to-degree in Ohio community colleges, Martha R. Crawmer


Services for college students with traumatic brain injuries, Michael R. Crenshaw

AlGaN directional coupler switch, Antonio Crespo


Convolutional polynomial neural network for improved face recognition, Chen Cui

An eleven year comparison of academic advising at Catholic colleges and universities, Carol Cummins-Collier


Engineered carbon-based scaffolds for hard and soft tissue repair, reconstruction or regeneration, Jarema S. Czarnecki

Measurement of the location of a particle in three dimensions using Mie scattering theory and wave optics : application to flow in a microscopic field of view, Kamal Kanti Das

High temperature thermodynamics and kinetics of the reaction of oxygen with T-111 (Ta8-W-2Hf), Donald Joseph David

Interference effects in direct sequence spread spectrum communications systems, Ward James Davies


Design and analysis of a poled-polymer electro-optic modulator with a strip-loaded waveguide structure, Antonio Arthur Davis


Evaluation of a training on teachers' identification of anxiety in students, Sharon K. Deacon


Development and characterization of layered, nitrogen-doped hafnium oxide and aluminum oxide films for use as wide temperature capacitor dielectrics, Jennifer Nicole DeCerbo


Measuring rates of reading growth associated with gender using Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills, Nicholas J. DeGrazia

PilJ localizes to cell poles and is required for type IV pilus assembly and extension in Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Paul A. DeLange

Volume holographic memory for laser threat discrimination, Mark Lee DeLong

The principal at risk : career threatening problems and intervention strategies, Joseph Russell DeLuca

Photonic band gap enhanced second-harmonic generation in a planar lithium niobate waveguide, Cong Deng

Femtosecond laser micromachining technology, materials processing and evaluation, George Logan DesAutels

Speaker independent phoneme recognition with a binaural auditory model, Martin Patrick DeSimio

Analysis, optimal design, and beamforming techniques for hybrid antennas with wide-angle scan capability, Philip Lynn Detweiler

Multi-mode coherent ladar imaging via diverse periodic pseudo noise waveforms and code division multiple access apertures, Matthew Paul Dierking

Piloted ignition and flame spread on composite solid fuels in extreme environments, Mark Anthony Dietenberger


From painful prison to hopeful purification : changing images of purgatory in selected U.S. Catholic periodicals, 1909-1960, Timothy G. Dillon


Volumetric change detection using uncalibrated 3D reconstruction models, Yakov Diskin


Discrete-time concurrent learning for system identification and applications : leveraging memory usage for good learning, Ouboti Seydou Eyanaa Djaneye-Boundjou


Nonlinear systems for frequency conversion from IR to RF, Brian D. Dolasinski

Assessing the organizational climate of school districts that use WinWin negotiations, David Alan Dolph

Effect of modification of apoplast composition on phloem loading in Beta vulgaris, L, Diane Cohen Doman

Feature interaction analysis for generative process planning, David Henry Domermuth

Channel-coded optical-code-division multiple-access networks, Guoquan Dong


Traumatic brain injury school psychologist training, knowledge and skills, Dana Doran-Myers

Multichannel nonlinear filters for signal and image restoration, Radaan Ayadh Dosari

Pattern recognition of traffic signs with a personal computer (PC), Philip Lavern Douville

Joint super-resolution and scene-based nonuniformity correction using maximum a posteriori estimation, Douglas R. Droege


School climate for sexual minority youth : reflections by college-age adults on K-12 experiences, Sarah A. Drought

Simulations of jet fuel thermal-oxidative degradation and flow characteristics of injected jet fuel under supercritical conditions, Thammarat Duangthip


Hierarchically structured carbon nanotubes for energy conversion and storage, Feng Du


The Assumption dogma: some reactions and ecumenical implications in the thought of English-speaking theologians, Paul E. Duggan

Sliding mode vector control of the synchronous reluctance motor, James Wilford DuLaney

Flame stability in a step swirl combustor, Mark D. Durbin


Impact of molecular evolutionary footprints on phylogenetic accuracy a simulation study, Bhakti Dwivedi

A study of the presidentprincipal administrative model in Catholic secondary schools in the United States, William Dygert

Transformational leadership behaviors of dietetic educators in two and four-year academic institutions, Beatriz U. Dykes

The development and significance of Catholic secondary education in the Archdiocese of Benin City : implications for the future of Catholic education in Nigeria, Isaac Prest Ebeigbe

Transformational leadership bridging theory with reality : case study of a selected superintendent Linda Edwards-Williams, Linda Edwards-Williams

Resolution enhancement of hyperspectral imagery using maximum a posteriori estimation with a stochastic mixing model, Michael Theodore Eismann

Linear state space system identification : a new approach, Taan S. ElAli

A historical investigation of fiscal equity of Ohio districts : from statehood through the Perry County decision of 1994, Patricia Lisetta Ellis


In-plane fatigue characterization of core joints in sandwich composite structures, Abraham Elmushyakhi

Modeling study of impact of water on CO, PAH and NOx emissions from combustion of surrogate fuel, Abdulaziz H. Elsinawi

Vibration suppression in turning using a Kalman estimator-based controller, Ameen El-Sinawi


Teaching tolerance in language arts for student awareness in middle schools, Amy Darr Elston


Active control of pendulum tuned mass dampers for tall buildings subject to wind load, Mohamed A. Eltaeb


Development of probabilistic models for long term reliability of sandwich composites in saline freezethaw environment for civil engineering applications, Sadra Emami


Learner-centered education : bridging the gap between ideal and actual practice, Beverly Jo Ervin


High order volumetric directional pattern for robust face recognition, Almabrok Essa Essa


Increasing parental involvement : the effectiveness of a parent education program in one urban charter school, Lauren Evans


Effect of electron beam radiation on the surface and bulk morphology of carbon nanofibers, Maria Cecília Évora

The dynamic behavior of thermoelectric and electrochemical sensors for monitoring the physical phenomena of human vision, Robert Lee Ewing

An investigation of the propagation behavior of fretting fatigue cracks in Ti-6Al-4V, Hassan A. Fadag

Pulsed laser deposition of lanthanum monosulfide thin films for cathode material applications, Steven Byrnes Fairchild

The application of the hybrid iterative method to scattering by perfectly conducting bodies of revolution, Ghassan Hatem Fallouh

Kinetic studies of the reactions of hydroxyl (OH) radicals with hydrogen-containing chlorofluorocarbons (HCFC) over an extended temperature range using a laser photolysislaser-induced fluorescence technique, Tunchen Daniel Fang


From churches in cultural captivity to the church incarnate in a culture : Ecclesial mediation after the dissolution of the Southern Baptist subculture, Coleman Fannin


The development of Marian doctrine as reflected in the commentaries on the wedding at Cana (John 2:1-5) by the Latin fathers and pastoral theologians of the Church from the fourth to the seventeenth century, Elizabeth Marie Farley

Development and generation of material behavior in a corrosion-fatigue environment, Julian Bert Fasano


Cascaded orientation-patterned gallium arsenide optical parametric oscillator for improved longwave infrared conversion efficiency, Ryan K. Feaver


Psychosocial intervention for a female with a traumatic brain injury sustained in infancy, Heather A. Fehring


Fabrication of a deoxyribonucleic acid polymer ridge waveguide electro-optic modulator by nanoimprint lithography, Emily Marie Fehrman Cory

A study of the nature, extent, and possibility of collaboration among ministries in selected (arch)diocesan offices, Margaret Mary Feldner

Transient heat and mass transfer modeling aspects of rechargeable lithiumpolymer electrolyte batteries, Joseph P. Fellner


Teacher, parent, and self-perceptions of social functioning in youth with traumatic brain injury, Lindsey M. Feltz

Chaotic vibrations of heated plates, Müge Fermen-Coker

For the welfare of the city : disciples & citizens, a case study in congregation-based community organization, Isabel Caridad Fernandez


School-based application of the brief coping cat program for children with autism spectrum disorder and co-occurring anxiety, Caitlin Ferris


A data-based model to predict case classification of educational attainment in Central Appalachia, Frederick A. Ferris

Understanding self-awareness development : mediated learning experience among fourth grade students, Heidi Flavian


School-based assessment methods for identifying students with anxiety : a survey of school psychologists, Bradford Fletcher


Fuel structure effects on surrogate alternative jet fuel emission, Giacomo Flora


The role of school psychologists in social-emotional learning programs, Lauren Flynn


Post-secondary transitions for students with high-incidence disabilities, Michaline Flynn

Effect of rapid changes in sink-source ratio on export and distribution of products of photosynthesis in leaves of Beta vulgaris, L. and Phaseolus vulgaris, L., Bernadette Rosella Fondy

High temperature lubrication of rolling contacts with lubricants delivered from the vapor phase as oil-mists, Nelson Howell Forster

A controlled study of the effects of bondline reinforcement on the fracture behavior of a brittle epoxy adhesive, Mark Stephen Forte

Development of a micromechanics based failure criteria for transversely loaded composite materials, Dean C. Foster


Traumatic brain injury teacher training programs and teacher candidate knowledge, Emily Ellen Fox

Organizational structures and perceived cultures of community-charter schools in Ohio, Jeannine L. Fox


Locally tuned nonlinear manifold for person independent head pose estimation, Jacob D. Foytik

Speaker independent phoneme recognition with a binaural auditory image model, Keith Ivan Francis


The interior lives of exemplary leaders : a phenomenological study of lay leadership commitment to mission and identity at a Catholic, Marianist University, Savio Dennis Franco

A constitutive model for the mechanical response of glassy polymers, Geoffrey Joseph Frank

Shared decision-making : a study to examine the attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors of administrators, teachers, and support staff, Dale Edward Frederick


High resolution ultrasonic rayleigh wave interrogation of a thermally aged polymeric surface, Shaun L. Freed


Fixed-point image orthorectification algorithms for reduced computational cost, Joseph Clinton French


Design of aeroelastically scaled wind tunnel models using sensitivity based parameter identification, Mark French

Implementation of a collaborative problem-solving model in an urban Catholic elementary school : teacher learning and change, Margaret W. Frey

Direction finding with compensation for electromagnetic effects, Edward Michael Friel


Efficacy of targeted recruitment strategies on students' knowledge of and interest in school psychology, Amanda Fritz

Acoustical linear and nonlinear behavior of fatigued titanium alloys, Jérôme Frouin

Laser Doppler velocimeter measurements in the near-wake of a low pressure axial flow fan, Timothy John Fry


From past to present and beyond the Venerable Bede, figural exegesis, and historical theory, Timothy J. Furry


Solidarity and mediation in the French stream of mystical body of Christ theology, Timothy R. Gabrielli


Fluorescence enhancement using one-dimensional photonic band gap multilayer structure, Jian Gao

Static and dynamic performance model for IR imaging systems, Minglun Gao


History, theology, and symbol: the mother of Jesus in the Cana narrative (John 2:1-12), 1950-2005, Robert C. Garafalo

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