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Development of a numerical method for studying longitudinal and vertical acceleration effects on pitching and non-pitching airfoils, Jed E. Marquart


Institutional innovator : Sargent Shriver's life as an engaged Catholic and as an active liberal, Daniel E. Martin

Application of piezoelectric actuators for vibration reduction in the F-15, Juan Ramon Martinez Ortiz

Quantitative study of fretting fatigue damage in shot peened Ti-6Al-4V, Sonia A. Martinez

An examination of relationships between alternative teaming arrangements, academic achievement, and self esteem for disadvantaged middle school students, Lloyd D. Martin

The unique identity of Catholic high schools : a comparison of the Church's expectations and a school community's experiences and beliefs, Joseph D. Massucci


Uncovering a Marian attitude in the works of C.S. Lewis, Arthur Mastrolia


Rotation invariant histogram features for object detection and tracking in aerial imagery, Alex Mathew

Microstructural stability and creep of directionally solidified aluminaYAG eutectic monofilaments, Lawrence E. Matson

Biocompatibility and toxicity of alumino-calcium-phosphorous oxide (ALCAP) ceramics, David Richard Mattie

Characterization of accumulated fatigue damage in Ti-6Al-4V plate material using transmission electron microscopy and nonlinear acoustics, Julia Lynn Stojak Maurer

An investigation of laser velocimetry measurements within high speed, complex flows, Mark S. Maurice


Qualitative Analysis of Tier 3 Response to Intervention Implementation in Schools, Tracy Lynn Mayne


Implementation of a mindfulness-based intervention to reduce test related stress and anxiety in third grade students, Ryan M. May


A multiple case study of social capital development at a public midwestern university, Thomas A. Mays


Damping parameter study of a perforated plate with bias flow, Alireza Mazdeh


Engaging the Adaptive Challenge: How Twenty Individual Higher Education Leaders Think About Corporatization in American Higher Education, Sheryl A. McAndrew

An investigation of fatigue and dwell fatigue in Ti-6242, David Fred McBagonluri-Nuuri

Improved modeling and optimal compensation of unbalanced three-phase electrical systems using DISC analysis, Roy Alan McCann

Thermal switching to improve time-averaged efficiency of thermoelectric energy harvesting, Robin Gwen McCarty


The effects of teacher candidate gender, principal gender, and degree type on the elementary teacher selection process, Lesley Anne McCue


Of Mountain Flesh: Space, Religion, and the Creatureliness of Appalachia, Scott C. McDaniel


Mid-IR ultrafast laser inscribed waveguides and devices, Sean A. McDaniel

Heat treatment study of titanium-boron alloys and thermal stability of the TiB phase, Dale Joseph McEldowney


As for me and my house : the theology of the family in the American Quiverfull movement, Emily Hunter McGowin


Academic achievement of dual enrolled students : do instructors and venues matter?, Heidi Much McGrew


Validity and utility of the Comprehensive Assessment of School Environment (CASE) survey, Amy Renee McGuffey


Characterizing Remote Sensing Data Compression Distortion for Improved Automated Exploitation Performance, Christopher McGuinness

Two-dimensional target recognition using a modified AFIT edge enhancement algorithm, John Charles McKeeman


Terrestrial-aquatic connections : riparian invasion by Lonicera maackii drives shifts in aquatic biota and ecosystem processes, Rachel Elizabeth McNeish


Changing course : early childhood development faculty experiences transitioning from traditional to asynchronous online teaching, Jennifer Michelle McVay-Dyche


Wingtip vortices and free shear layer interaction in the vicinity of maximum lift to drag ratio lift condition, Muhammad Omar Memon

On the measurement of in-situ antenna radiation parameters from scattering measurements using a general scattering parametric model, Enrique Alberto Mendez


Sociology and sanctity : Paul Hanly Furfey, Franz Mueller, and Luigi Sturzo on Supernatural sociology," a trans-Atlantic debate, 1928-1946 ", Justin James Menno

Heat transfer phenomena in foams infiltrated with phase change materials : applications to cooling for electronics and energy storage devices, Osama M. S. Mesalhy


Computationally efficient and robust kinematic calibration methodologies and their application to industrial robots, Temesguen Messay-Kebede


Teachers' experiences with students who are homeless, Melodie A. Metze


Problem verification among experienced superintendents in northwest Ohio, Carl Robert Metzger


Nondestructive determination of case depth in surface hardened steels by combination of electromagnetic test methods, Robert Meyendorf

This far by faith : the history of black Catholics in Phoenix, Arizona, 1868-2003, Vernon Joseph Meyer

Convective momentum and heat transfer in flows with two characteristic length scales, Edward Donald Michaels

Laser absorption measurements of the helium triplet metastable in an electrical discharge using a distributed-Bragg reflecting diode laser, Michael W. Millard


Enacting theology, Americanism, and friendship : the 1837 debate on Roman Catholicism between Alexander Campbell and Bishop John Purcell, Herbert Dean Miller


The apparent heterogeneity of the national stem landscape : does it reflect reality or is it an illusion?, Kurtz K. Miller


Mid-twentieth century neo-Thomist approaches to modern psychology, Matthew Glen Minix

Feasibility study of application of electrohydrodynamics to actuation and cooling systems, Kazim Mirza


A phenomenological study of secondary teachers' experiences with assessing higher order thinking skills, Rachael Spiker Miser

Characterization of periodically poled lithium niobate monolithic optical parametric oscillators and generators, Mark Joseph Missey

Robust high range resolution radar target identification using a statistical feature based classifier with feature level fusion, Richard Alan Mitchell


Further development of 3-D rotary-wing acoustic directivity using a spherical harmonic representation, Frank Spencer Mobley


Mitigation of amplitude and phase distortion of signals under modified Von Karman turbulence using encrypted chaos waves, Fathi H. A. Mohamed


A collaborative adaptive Wiener filter for image restoration and multi-frame super-resolution, Khaled Mohamed Ahmied Mohamed

Conscience formation and leadership in adolescents, Thomas Gerald Monaco


Experimental investigation into thermo-acoustic instability in pre-mixed, pre-vaporized bluff-body stabilized flames, Jeffrey Ross Monfort

Discovering teacher professionalism : how urban public and private elementary teachers reveal aspects of professionalism in conversation, Connie J. S. Monroe

A software debug alternative for high performance processors : a feasibility study, Linda Jean Moore


Impact of phase information on radar automatic target recognition, Linda Jennifer Moore

Personal characteristics and selected educational attainment of Catholic elementary school principals in relation to spiritual formation activities, Louise Prasnikar Moore


Frequency and difficulty of problems reported by novice school district superintendents in Ohio, Michael Edward Moore

Human piloting factors in the design of control laws for precision landing, David J. Moorhouse

Maximizing noise-limited detection performance in medium PRF radars by optimizing PRF visibility, Richard A. Moorman

Evangelical Catholics and Catholic biblical scholarship : an examination of Scott Hahn's canonical, liturgical, and covenantal biblical exegesis, Jeffrey Lawrence Morrow


The virtue of penance in the United States, 1955-1975, Maria C. Morrow

Pattern synthesis and performance of conformal conical arrays, Thomas Eric Morton

Feature selection techniques for the classification of outdoor sound sources based on their acoustic emission signatures, John Charles Mossing

Case studies of women graduate assistants at the University of Dayton : implications for educational leadership, Margaret Blasy Mott


The probability of detection improvement inside the fusion area via scan rate regulation of a two radar system, Abdulmajid A. Mrebit

An exploratory case study of organizational agility in a consortium of small private college libraries, Jean Kay Mulhern

The impact of service learning on perceptions of self-efficacy, Monalisa Mullins


Reactive sputtering of mixed-valent oxides: a route to tailorable optical absorption, Neil Richard Murphy


Aquaglyceroporin expression and regulation in erythrocytes from freeze tolerant Cope's gray treefrog, Hyla chrysoscelis, Venkateshwar Mutyam


Mary, the U.S. Bishops and the decade of silence: the 1973 pastoral letter "Behold Your Mother Woman of Faith", John T. Myler

Magnetron sputtering of metallic coatings onto elastomeric substrates for a decrease in fuel permeation rate, Matthew F. Myntti


Kinematic synthesis and analysis techniques to improve planar rigid-body guidance, David H. Myszka


Learning latent temporal manifolds for recognition and prediction of multiple actions in streaming videos using deep networks, Binu Muraleedharan Nair

Stresses induced by cryogenic fluids in an anisotropic hollow cylindrical fuel tank, Hanna M. Nakhoul


Design and development of scanning eddy current force microscopy for characterization of electrical, magnetic and ferroelectric properties with nanometer resolution, Vijayaraghava Nalladega

Nonuniformity correction for focal plane arrays and partition based superresolution of video with application to an infrared imaging system, Balaji Narayanan


New classifier architecture and training methodologies for lung nodule detection in chest radiographs and computed tomography, Barath Narayanan Narayanan


Understanding how administrators at four-year, comprehensive, residential, Catholic universities in Ohio respond to student misuse of social media, Curtis R. Nash


ISAR target reconstruction via dipole modeling, Ali Nassib


Student growth in learner-centered and non-learner-centered reading and math teachers' classrooms, Diane A. Neal

Numerical and analytical techniques in modeling nonlinear dispersive media : emphasis on NLS type equations, Georges Nehmetallah

The urban teacher academy : identifying program benefits to graduates and defining graduate success, Rochonda Lynn Nenonene

Modeling, design and layout of a cascaded third-order feed-forward delta-sigma analog-to-digital converter for RF wireless applications, Shailesh Balwant Nerurkar

Lessons in black and white : white teacher questioning practices of black and white students, Melva Elizabeth Mann Newsom

Mechanisms of innate resistance to bacterial infection, Duane Wesley Newton


Spectral filter array for multispectral imaging, Chuan Ni


Association between identified Perkins IV performance data and selected characteristics of Ohio joint vocational school districts, Harold Lee Niehaus

An examination of teacher professional development in Ohio's alternative high schools as compared to Ohio's traditional high schools, Pamela G. Noeth


The Magnificat, canticle of a liberated people: a hermeneutical study of Luke 1:46-55 investigating the world behind the text by exegesis; the world in front of the text by interpretive inquiry, Mary Catherine Nolan

Active suppression of aeroelastic instabilities for forward swept wings, Thomas E. Noll

The requirement of mobA for assimilatory and respiratory nitrate reduction in Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1, Chris Edano Noriega

Collegial governance in selected formal and informal Catholic institutions past and present : implications for Catholic school leadership, Ronald James Nuzzi

Effects of a professional development program to prepare teachers to use problem-based and technology-enhanced learning strategies, Judith N. Oberlander

A critical analysis of teacher incentive grants : implications for educational leadership, Charles Stephen Oborn

Electro-optic spectral tuning of a periodically poled LiNbO₃ optical parametric oscillator and generator, Ned Francis O'Brien

The effect of intense, short-term exercise on erythrocytic 2, 3-diphosphoglycerate, Omokere Esivweneta Odje


Life histories of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and queer postsecondary students who choose to persist education against the tide, James Lee Olive

An investigation of the thread and under-head coefficients of friction on clamp-load in the bolted joint, Michael P. Oliver

Development of a mathematical model to predict particle damping, Steven Eric Olson

Determining predictors of success in Ohio's post-secondary enrollment options program, Mary Dawson O'Neil

Experimental and theoretical investigations of scattering by finite perfectly conducting cylinders systems of finite perfectly conducting cylinders and finite ram-coated perfectly conducting cylinders, Carlos Ruben Ortiz-Quiñones

Are distinctive requirements for superindendent certificationlicensure extant in the fifty states? : a critical analysis, O. Randolph Overbeck


Investigation of the behavior of the nickel catalyst in chemical vapor deposition synthesis of carbon nanopearls, Shanee Danyale Pacley


Progressively expanded neural network for automatic material identification in hyperspectral imagery, Sidike Paheding

Cascaded crystal optical parametic amplifier model using measured complex beam profiles and its experimental validation, Anup R. Pandey

Laser-diagnostic studies of confined turbulent premixed flames stabilized by conical bluff bodies, John Chungteh Pan


Adolescent gender differences in perceived interpersonal mattering, Rachel Jo Paputsakis

Vibrational mode deactivation rates for gaseous discharge-excited N₂ on selected surfaces measured with coherent anti-Stokes Raman spectroscopy, John Walter Parish

Index-matched boundary techniques for reflective membrane optical scintillator applications, Jack Howard Parker


Teachers' understanding of chronic pain and its impact on students' functioning, Jason M. Parkins

Synthesis of multifunctional carbon nanomaterials for device applications, Kyu Soon Park

Turnover in the elementary school principalship and factors that influence it, Michelle Chaplin Partlow


A passive wireless platform for chemical-biological sensors, Mark Alan Patterson

A qualitative study of the staffing practices of three successful residential learning communities, Jeffrey Louis Pellegrino


At-risk students' participation in after school programs : impact on academic achievement, Lindsay Peltz

An application of the hybrid iterative method to scattering from several perfectly conducting bodies, including the cube, Robert Prewitt Penno

Improvement of the joint Fourier transform correlator performance by relaxing the scale and rotation variances using a logarithmic polar transformation, Osvaldo Perez


Synthesis techniques for coupler-driven planar and spherical single degree of freedom mechanisms, David Adam Perkins


Making the grade : a comparison study of pre-college academic success predictors of first-year academic performance of student-athletes at a public and private Institution in the Midwest, Roderick D. Perry


John Hugo and an American Catholic theology of nature and grace, Benjamin T. Peters


Ecce educatrix tua the role of the Blessed Virgin Mary for a pedagogy of holiness in the thought of John Paul II and Father Joseph Kentenich, Danielle M. Peters


Ancient voices the church fathers in ecumenical conversations, Brian R. E. Peterson

Preparation and characterization of novel nanometer-scale platinum electrodes, Leanne Petry

Variables predictive of student success in honors pre-algebra, Nell L. Petry


Integrated multiaxial experimentation and constitutive modeling, Peter Louis Phillips

A parametric study of the factors affecting the open and filled hole performance of fiber reinforced composite materials, Margaret Frances Pinnell

The relationship between North Central participation and school effectiveness : a study of selected Ohio high schools, W. Dean Pond

Studies on the startup transients and performance of a gas loaded sodium heat pipe, Rengasamy Ponnappan


Development of a Drosophila melanogaster model system for nanoparticle toxicity assessment, Ryan Todd Posgai


An approach for the extraction of thermal facial signatures for evaluating threat and challenge emotional states, Nilesh Powar

Spatio-temporal feature-based objective quality metrics for digital image sequences, Gregory James Power


School psychology training in traumatic brain injury assessment : current practices in graduate programs, Chris J. Powers

Characterization and recovery of shape memory polymers filled with carbon nanofibers, Daniel Stephen Powers

The ballot, the bayonet, and the schoolhouse : the dynamics of change in the common schools of Franklin County, Tennessee, Mary Osweiler Powers

Optical correlation using isotropic and anisotropic self diffraction using photorefractive material, Prathan Buranasiri

The effects of thermocapillary stresses on the wetting characteristics, heat transfer effectiveness, and stability of an evaporating, capillary re-supplied, curved meniscus within a capillary tube, David Michael Pratt


Cornelius a Lapide's biblical methodology used in Marian texts and its comparison with a contemporary approach, James Presta

Putting the Sullivan Commission recommendations into practice : a case study examining barriers encountered by urban students entering the health professions, Susan McLaughlin Price


Investigation of measurement distortion and application of finite element modeling to magnetic material characterization in a closed-circuit, Barry Kevin Pugh


Defective proventriculus (Dve), a novel role in dorsal-ventral patterning of the Drosophila eye, Oorvashi Roy Puli

Tip clearance flow-shock interaction in an advanced, transonic, axial-flow compressor rotor, Steven Lee Puterbaugh

Chemical and electronic properties of the dielectricgallium arsenide interface, Kenneth Dale Rachocki

Two dimensions of communication climate and teacher willingness to upwardly communicate in open and closed climate secondary schools, Timothy Jay Rafferty

A three component laser velocimetry investigation of the flowfield downstream of a bluff body, Charbel N. Raffoul

Finite element analysis of cure-induced residual stress in composite materials, Habib Gerges Rai


Toxicity of silver nanoparticles in mouse embryonic stem cells and chemical based reprogramming of somatic cells to sphere cells, Pavan Rajanahalli Krishnamurthy

Do superintendents that have met the highest number of Ohio's performance standards describe their leadership as more transformational?, Virginia V. Rammel

Predesign educational planning for Ohio school facilities as perceived by district superintendents, Todd Allen Rappold


Traumatic brain injury the efficacy of a half-day training for school psychologists, Ashlyn Michelle Ray

Institutionalizing service learning in higher education : to change or not to change?, Paula Kay Reams


Reactive high power impulse magnetron sputtering of Zinc oxide for thin film transistor applications, Amber Nicole Reed

Distinctively Marianist : developing an instrument to identify cultural characteristics in a Marianist high school, Cheryl Feagans Reichel


Enhancing posturography stabilization analysis and limits of stability assessment, Senia Smoot Reinert


Association between tuition discounting and institutional goals at the largest midwestern private universities, Jason Kent Reinoehl

Development of a low RCS reflector antenna system, Daniel D. Reuster


Video modeling for teaching social skills to students with Autism spectrum disorders, Barbara Ann Rhinehart


Landscape genetics of the small-mouthed salamander (Ambystoma texanum) in a fragmented habitat impacts of landscape change on breeding populations in Hardin County, Ohio forests, Elizabeth Anne Rhoads

Effect of water vapor on the oxidation and thermo-mechanical behavior of SiC and Si₃N₄ ceramics, Hongsang Rho

The application of the Lanczos method of minimized iterations to electromagnetic scattering problems, Ronald George Riechers

A non catalytic process for the production of nested bulk carbon nanotubes and nanotube arrays and their electrochemical behavior, Bill L. Riehl

Synthesis and characterization of nanostructured BSTO thin-films for microwave applications, Bonnie D. Riehl

Students' perceptions regarding their teachers' instructional qualities and practices, Blair Andrew Riggle

Numerical analysis of mixing phenomena of supersonic shear layers, Daniel J. Risha

A comparison of reading and mathematics achievement of students attending a nine month traditional school and a year-round school, Douglas Evan Roby


De Concillo's Cathechism," catechists, and the history of the Baltimore Catechism ", Biff Rocha

Solid freeform fabrication of functional silicon nitride ceramics using laminated object manufacturing, Stanley J. Rodrigues

Experimental approach to the chemical and physical impact on in vitro polycationic peptide-mediated silica biomineralization, Francisco Rodríguez

A comparison of pre-service teacher self-perception : pre and post student teaching, James K. Roeder


Growth within the adjunct faculty role : an interaction of challenge, support, and context, Carrie Rogan

Myoelectric feedback control of acceleration induced visual scene dimming in aircraft training simulators, Dana Brewster Rogers

Integrated multifunctional reprogrammable MEMS deformable mirror" and "3D phase retrieval" based adaptive optic system implementations ", Stanley Rogers


Understanding trait evolution at the levels of a cis-regulatory element and a gene regulatory network, William A. Rogers

Design and analysis of high pressure apparatus to determine equilibrium phase diagrams with application to lubricants, Kurt C. Rolle


Studies of horizontal two-phase flow using electrical capacitance tomography and R-134a, Abdeel J. Román

High-temperature tribology of silicon nitride lubricated with cesium-based inorganic films, Lewis Rosado


A cumulative damage approach to modeling atmospheric corrosion of steel, David H. Rose


Automated growing rod for the treatment of juvenile scoliosis, Lewis Tyson Ross

Effect of polyamines on nitrous acid-induced mutagenesis in Neurospora crassa, Rebecca Ellen Rowoth

A study of the influence of micro and nano phase morphology on the mechanical properties of a rubber-modified epoxy resin, Bobby Glenn Russell

Novel quasi-phase-matched devices in periodically poled lithium niobate, Stephen Michael Russell

Education is a way out : narratives of recovering addicts who utlized formal education as a part of their recovery journey, LaCreta Michelle Rutledge


Defocus blur-invariant scale-space feature extractions, Elhusain Salem Saad


Teilhard in America : the 1960s, the counterculture, and Vatican II, Susan K. Sack


Modeling the progressive damage in biomimetic composite sandwich T-joints, Ali A. Saeid

Self-pumped Gaussian beam-coupling and stimulated backscatter due to reflection gratings in a photorefractive material, Mohammad Abu Saleh


Weight and cost multi-objective optimization of hybrid composite sandwich structures, Adel Issa Salem

Numerical stability of implicit integration schemes in nonassociated viscoplasticity, Joseph Elias Saliba

Modeling of heat transfer in advanced composite materials during the cure process, Tony Elias Saliba


The influence of dual-task conditions on postural control and instrumented timed up and go performance in fallers and non-fallers, Renee Lynn Sample


School-based training and consultation to improve concussion awareness, Jenna Marie Sandlund


Robust feature based reconstruction technique to remove rain from video, Varun Santhaseelan

Nonlinear partition-based filters for signal restoration, Ahmad Mohammad Sarhan

High strain rate characterization of low-density low-strength materials, Omar Sawas

Leadership characteristics for collaboration : perceptions of elementary school principals, Mary Jo Hannel Scalzo

Discrete Fourier transform and closed form Fourier series digital filters with controlled intersymbol interference, Frank A. Scarpino

System control procedure development for a distributed microcomputer network for avionics : utilizing a non-responsive time-division-multiplexed bus as the inter-computer communication link, Dieter Josef Schiller

Relationship between self-appraisal and retention patterns of community college students, Rebecca Leigh Martin Schmale

Phloem unloading in developing leaves of sugar beet, Judy Gougler Schmalstig

Free-space optical communications performance enhancement by use of a single adaptive optics correcting element, Jason Daniel Schmidt


Virtual communion : theology of the internet and the Catholic imagination, Katherine G. Schmidt


The personal is the theological : Rosemary Radford Ruether's practical theology as social critique, Phyllis Howser Scholp

Practicing middle school teachers' perceptions of middle level licensure competencies, Gary Paul Schomburg

Characterization and in vitro biocompatibility of engineered nanomaterials, Amanda Michelle Schrand

Processing, network formation, and mechanical behavior of liquid crystal photopolymers for structural applications, John Weber Schultz


Effect of atmospheric turbulence on synthetic aperture ladar imaging performance, Bryce Schumm

Optimal selection of orbital replacement unit spares : a space station system availability model, Douglas Gerard Schwaab

Carotenoids of Micrococcus roseus and their role in photoprotection,, Edmund H. Schwartzel


Gender role expectations of classroom teachers, Diane Schwendenman

Longitudinal-creep behavior of fiber-reinforced titanium-matrix composites, Stephen W. Schwenker


Success of international students in higher education, Allison Renee Seaver


Enhancing the flux pinning of high temperature superconducting yttrium barium copper oxide thin films, Mary Ann Patricia Sebastian

A new Catholic approach to understanding the origins of war, Matthew Allen Shadle

Solid state diffusion in the lubricious film formation on iron by mixed tertiary butyl phenyl phosphates under static conditions, Steven Kent Shaeffer


Muslim women on the Catholic campus : the search for identity, community, and understanding, Cynthia Trout Shafer

Sliding mode control of induction machines by use of nonlinear switching surfaces and sliding mode state estimation, Randall Alan Shaffer

Encapsulated PCM-carbon nanotube based composite for thermal control of transient pulsed power loads, Shadab Shaikh


In vivo dynamics of the quorum sensing-related interplay during symbiotic interaction between the nitrogen fixing bacterium, Sinorhizobium meliloti, and its eukaryotic host, Medicago truncatula, Muhamad Ali Khalil Shakhatreh


Kinematic synthesis of planar, shape-changing rigid body mechanisms for design profiles with significant differences in arc length, Shamsul Anuar Shamsudin

Molecular and physiological characterization of nitratenitrite transport in denitrifying Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1, Vandana Sharma


General education teachers' knowledge of Response to intervention, Ryan Sheets

Prediction of residual fatigue life from NDE of corroded components, Eric Brian Shell

Laser shock processing induced residual compression for improved damage tolerant design, Michael John Shepard

An investigation of emission efficiencies in GaAs(1-x)P(x) LED materials in the indirect bandgap range, Bok Kyoon Shin

Dynamics of acetylene plasma polymerization, Eunsung Shin

Early childhood educators' perceptions of kindergarten readiness in a southern Ohio school district : implications for educational leadership, Gay Lynn Pence Shipley

Characterization of interlaminar shear failures of graphite-epoxy composite materials, Scott Robert Short

Benefits and shortcomings of entry-level administrator mentoring programs : the first-year principal's perspective, George B. Simon


RTI in the classroom how teachers meet the demands of a tiered system, Elizabeth Mary Sinclair-Lowry

Intracellular aspects of n-alkane utilization in Cladosporium (Amorphotheca) resinae, Clifford Kotney Siporin

Two dimensional photonic crystals with anisotropic constituents and their propagation characteristics, Mohammad Masud Siraj


Teacher reported leadership characteristics affecting the organizational health of urban K-8 schools, Tracey R. Smith-Deagle


The praise of glory : apophatic theology as transformational mysticism, Ethan D. Smith

The Ohio postsecondary enrollment opportunities program (PSEO) : understanding its under-utilization : a case study of non-participation among advanced placement (AP) students, Marc Allen Smith

The effects of amino acids on growth, morphology, transamination and deamination in Candida albicans, James Walter Snyder


Combinatorial analysis of thermoelectric materials using pulsed laser deposition, Ryan Daniel Snyder

Variability in the effects of harvester ant (Pogonomyrmex spp.) disturbances on vegetation and soils in semiarid grasslands : integrating patterns and processes, Season Renee Snyder

The quantum theory of semiconductor lasers : phase diffusion, Michael Sokol

Optimal design of an optical limiter using one-dimensional bandgap structures, Boon Yi Soon


Gene expression during newt lens regeneration and cephalopod eye evolution, Konstantinos Sousounis

One career to another : women who transition between K-12 and higher education administration, Cheryl Ann Spain


Range compressed holographic aperture ladar, Jason Wade Stafford

Control of interparticle cohesion in PS304 plasma spray deposited solid lubricant coating powder feedstock, Malcolm Keith Stanford


Effects of sleep habits on children displaying behavioral problems in school, Brooke Leigh Stanley

Kinetics of static globularization of Ti-6Al-4V, Njall Stefansson

An evaluation of wavelet-based, denoising techniques as applied to low SNR, LFMOP radar signal pulses, Lori Ann Steinbrunner

The role of adaptive photorefractive power limiting on acousto-optic RF signal excision, Dale Stevens


Teachers' experiences with students who live in foster care, Keilah Stevens


General education teachers' perceptions of educating students with an Autism spectrum disorder in an inclusive classroom, Kelley M. Stidham


Interferometric synthetic aperture ladar using code division multiple access apertures, Andrew James Stokes

DNA topoisomerases in mammalian meiotic maturation and preimplantation embryonic development, Jason Louis St.Pierre

Determination of the heat of adsorption for water vapor on clean calcium fluoride surfaces by ion scattering spectroscopy, Charles Leslie Strecker

Tribological properties of pulsed laser deposited thin films of cesium oxythiomolybdate, Karla Lynne Strong

Improving the performance of future differentiated service network, Hongjun Su

Sidewall profiles and etching mechanisms in an inductively coupled plasma for silicon, silicon dioxide and lithium niobate, Lirong Sun

Prediction of radiated emissions from DC motors, Candace Rogers Suriano

Parent involvement from parents' perspectives, Sara L. Suver

An investigation of the effects of density, size, and shape upon the air classification of municipal type solid waste, Patrick James Sweeney


A regularized extended finite element method for modeling the coupled cracking and delamination of composite materials, Michael James Swindeman


Corporate Japan goes to school case studies examining corporate involvement in public schools in Japan, Kaori Takano


Genetic mechanisms involved in axial patterning and neurodegeneration in Drosophila eye, Meghana Tare

Development of stability methods for application to nonlinear aeroelastic optimization, Ronald Franklin Taylor


Concussion in school-aged children : evaluating the effectiveness of an online concussion training program, Maria F. Tedesco

Pulsed laser deposition of diamond-like carbon films, Deborah Thebert-Peeler

Experimental and numerical analysis of controlled impinging liquid jets, Scott Keith Thomas

Adaptive nonlinear filtering for noise suppression in images, Elizabeth Ann Thompson


Incorporation of computational fluid dynamics into flight vehicle preliminary design, Ernest D. Thompson

Hydrolytic degradation of norbornene-terminated addition polyimides : a mechanistic and kinetic study, Katie Emaline Gunnison Thorp


Multimodal recognition using simultaneous images of iris and face with opportunistic feature selection, R. Cortland Tompkins

Nanosecond blanking of a TV system by a coherent radiation detector, Alfonso Rafael Torres-Diaz

A Kalman-filtering approach for non-uniformity correction in infrared focal-plane array sensors, Sergio N. Torres

Web buckling behavior under in-plane compression and shear loads for web reinforced composite sandwich core, Elias Anis Toubia

Utilization of decision making skills as related to problem solving by entry level principals of secondary schools, Barbara Townsend-Champion

Not because of, but in spite of : a qualitative study of high achieving at-risk African American college students, Karen Marie Reynolds Townsend

Reaction kinetics of the pyrolysis of phenoliccarbon composite materials, Kimberly A. Trick

Competition, coexistence, and the patterns of web dispersion of Argiope aurantia Lucas and Argiope trifasciata (Forskal) (Araneae: Araneidae), John Rembert Trigg


Disability stigma and intention to graduate in college students with psychiatric impairments, Daniel Joseph Trunk

Building and testing a high spatial resolution nulling microellipsometer using rotational polarization symmetry, Alain Ngoy Tschimwang

Development of a fracture mechanicsthreshold behavior model to assess the effects of competing mechanisms induced by shot peening on cyclic life of a nickel-base superalloy, René 88DT, Marsha Klopmeier Tufft

Automatic segmentation of small pulmonary nodules in computed tomography data using a radial basis function neural network with application to volume estimation, Timothy Ryan Tuinstra


Reducing airflow energy use in multiple zone VAV systems, Ahmed G. Tukur

Early events in the infection of soybean (Glycine max L. Merr) by Rhizobium japonicum, Barbara Gillian Yule Turgeon

Development, analysis and application of laser-induced fluorescence and Rayleigh scattering measurement systems in a hypersonic wind tunnel, Charles Tyler

Bishop Daniel Alexander Payne of the African Methodist Episcopal Church : the life of a 19th century educational leader, 1811-1865, Mark Kelly Tyler

Toughening of unsaturated polyesters and vinyl esters with liquid rubbers, Jill S. Ullett

The effects of age, years of experience, and type of experience in the teacher selection process, David Scott Vail

Development of an in vitro culture system for mouse spermatogonia, Katherine Schaefer Van der Wee


Concurrent enrollment at a faith-based liberal arts college student behavior and policy considerations, Scott Daniel Van Loo

Surface catalyzed mercury transformation reactions, Patanjali Varanasi

Fabrication and physical properties of transparent poly (methyl-methacrylate)-layered silicate nanocomposites, Elena Vasiliu

A conversation through time : a descriptive study of the CORE program at the University of Dayton, Rita Joan Vasquez

Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) geometric invariants, Vincent Joseph Velten


Interaction of Hippo pathway and Dronc to regulate organ size in Drosophila melanogaster, Shilpi Verghese


Computational modeling and simulation of thermal-fluid flow and topology formation in laser metal additive manufacturing, Timothy John Vincent

Investigation of corrosion protection performance of sol-gel surface treatments on AA2024-T3, Natalia N. Voevodin


Paired reading intervention for limited English proficient students, Tuongvi N. Vo


Investigation of altered cell-cell interactions and signaling mechanisms in Drosophila tumor models, Indrayani Waghmare

Effects of common school structures, practices, and culture on the academic efficacy of African American high school students, Rexann L. Beverly Wagner


Effects of fundamental processing parameters on the structure and composition of two-dimensional MoS₂ films, Adam Richard Waite


Traumatic brain injury teacher knowledge and skills, Alexandra Elizabeth Walk

Hydrocarbon metabolism in Cladosporium resinae,, John David Walker


A comparison of parent satisfaction in traditional elementary schools and charter elementary schools in one midwestern USA city, Lesha J. Wallace

Assessment of the preparedness of lay Catholic high school principals to be faith leaders, Theodore J. Wallace

Spatial patterning of resource accumulation in a 22 year-old water harvesting project in the Chihuahuan Desert, Mollie Walton


Low noise frequency comb sources based on synchronously pumped doubly resonant optical parametric oscillators, Chenchen Wan


Fiber based mode locked fiber laser using Kerr effect, Long Wang

Effects of stress-relieving slots and friction on fretting fatigue behavior of Ti-6Al-4V, Rihong Wang


Engineering electromagnetic wave properties using subwavelength antennas structures, Shiyi Wang


Experimental investigation of new inductor topologies, Shu Wang

Physical and chemical behavior of flowing endothermic jet fuels, Thomas A. Ward

Cellular and molecular aspects of limb regeneration in urodele amphibians, Charles Henry Washabaugh

An inductive creation of a descriptive design process with support information framework, Paul Martin Weaver


An analysis of faculty development levels of use outcomes at one higher education institution, Katie Elizabeth Weber


School-based application of a cognitive-behavioral intervention for students with anxiety and co-occurring academic skill deficits, Melissa Welch

Knowledge of and attitudes toward graduation prayer in Ohio public schools, Nicholas Brandon Weldy


Studies of jet fuel autoxidation chemistry catalytic hydroperoxide decomposition & high heat flux effects, Zachary John West

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