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The effects of low cob2s sconcentrations on carbohydrate content in source leaves of Beta vulgaris L., Theodore Clifford Fox

A comparative study of science achievement and science course-taking patterns of high school students, William E. Fox

Carbon nanofiber purification and functionalization for improved polymeric nanocomposites, William Gewand Fox

High speed radar signal collection and characterization on a custom reconfigurable platform, Francis D. Fradette

A case study of patterns of language use by one bilingual student in various contexts, Cynthia P. Fraga-Cañadas

A comparison of two methods of teaching spelling, cooperative teams and traditional instruction, Jane Gregg Thuma Frame


Sex differences in the rapid and the sustained antidepressant-like effects of Ketamine in stress-naive and depressed" mice exposed to chronic mild stress ", Anthony Albert Franceschelli

Integrating the arts and the classroom curriculum, Beverly D. Francis

An approach to the theology of Paul Tillich, John J. Franck

Cigarette smoking and repressive coping : an examination of susceptivity to anti-smoking messages, Lisa Maria Elizabeth Frantsve

A redaction critical study of three healing stories in Luke-Acts, William John Frantz

A proposed plan for team teaching of general science in the eighth grade in the Hithergreen Middle School, Washington Township, Montgomery County, Ohio, J. A. Franz

Simulations of the flow of a hydrocarbon fuel under different body force conditions, Michael Timothy Frede

Radar signature of a finite ogival cylinder, Joseph Michael Frederick

A Faraday balance for the measurement of magnetic susceptibility, William G. D Frederick

A study of the causes of reading failure in the Mad River Township schools and some suggestions for improving the reading program, Helen Jeanette Binder Freed

Applicability of the acoustic nonlinear parameter [beta] for the characterization of high temperature nickel-based superalloy components, Shaun L. Freed

Wet oxidation of coal gasification waste water, Robert Allan Freese

A pre-reading readiness program for the further development and maintenance of the sensorimotor skills for children of grade one,, Elizabeth Anne Freidhoff

A career education curriculum guide for fifth grade students, Teresa Mary Baugher Freisthler

Reaction rate constant, activation energy, and mechanism studies of a-cyano-n-butylsorbate, James A. Frenchik

Sex-role stereotyping in textbooks, Christina Elaine Frey

Malodorous environment, modeling and aggression, James Kenneth Frey

The use of games to reinforce reading skills, Marjorie F. Stefanoff Frey

Investigation of photon noise achievement in Hgl-x[superscript Cd] x[superscript TE], Robert C. Frick

The success of hands on experiences on the nature trail at Lacroft Elementary School, Madelaine J. Friebe

Childrearing patterns and children's identification with favorite television characters, Robert Dana Friedberg

Time and frequency domain scattering by dielectric targets with gently varying cross sections, Edward Michael Friel


Complementarity in health information media usage by college students : an application of media complementarity theory in the context of health information, Patrick Thomas Fries

A whole language thematic unit on weather for grades 4-6, Terrille Frilling

Investigation of ultrasonic waves in II-VI semiconductors, Albert Lawrence Frisillo


Mary in catechesis: a comparative study on magisterial catechetical documents and religion textbooks for elementary schools in the United States from 1956-1998, M. Jean Frisk

A descriptive study of teacher attitude toward portfolio use in the elementary classroom, Karen A. Fritter

Electroelastic constants of II-VI semiconductor single crystals, Brian G. Frock

A metallurgical investigation of some cobalt-rich Y-Co alloys,, Michael Henry Froning

An induction motor drive using a resonant DC link inverter, Gregory Louis Fronista

Chemical changes in Rana pipiens sartorius muscles, Edward J. Fruin

A study of the improvement of arithmetic achievement of twenty-one educationally deprived children in grades three, four, five and six, through the implementation of Title I Project, Robert Harold Frum

Angular correlation techniques, Thomas W. Fruscello

A handbook for using creative dramatics in elementary Ohio history, Shawn Marie Fry

An automatic testset for acoustical couplers, David Earl Frysinger

Histochemical assessment of tissue viability and herbicide damage in woody stems of Lonicera maackii, Mark A. Fuchs

Partial discharge and corona theory and measurement, Steven Paul Fuchs

Sensation seeking, drug use, and the routes of persuasion in the elaboration likelihood model, Kelly J. Fudge

Structural and regenerative aspects of the hydra head activator neuropeptide in the newt, Notophthalmus viridescens, Ernesto Jorge Fuentes

Handbook for the implementation of a discipline-based art curriculum in the secondary schools, Terry Lynn Fugate

Performance on complex multiple event sequences, Tomoko Fujishiro

The variables that produce stress in Piqua, Ohio's elementary teachers versus its secondary teachers, Mindy Sue Meininger Fulks

A handbook for teachers to aid in the teaching of public speaking class, John W. Fullenkamp

A comparison of two methods of drilling basic addition and subtraction facts for memorization, June Ann Fullenkamp

The use of computer-displayed social stories to improve social skills for a child with autism : a case study, Connie J. Fuller

A woman's loss of contact with her father through separation or divorce : experience and meaning, Marcia Lynn Fuller

A literature-based activity manual to aid early childhood teachers to create a caring classroom community, Linda Fuls

Meat on bones : stories about girls and food, Anthony Tate Fulton

A study of a positive approach to staff development for technology training, Catherine Elizabeth Fulton

Teaching a unit on William Shakespeare to intermediate students, Amy Sera Fultz

John Wilson Croker and reform, William J. Furdell

The effects of motivations for television violence on children's aggressive and prosocial responses to hypothetical situations, Nancy Elizabeth Furlong

A study of learning style preferences of the academically gifted elementary student, Susan Leigh Wright Furlong

Psychosocial adjustment in children treated for acute lymphoblastic leukemia, Maria Eugenia Furnari

Standardized test scores and classroom grades : is there a relationship?, Anne M. Futrell


Effect of soil and bedrock conditions below retaining walls on wall behavior, Mohamad G. Mohamad Gabar

The nonverbal communication of culture and its effects on man from birth to death,, Michael John Gabria

The relationship between brain lateralization and science fair success, Diana Mae Gabriel


Confirmation and being Catholic in the United States the development of the sacrament of confirmation in the twentieth century, Timothy R. Gabrielli

Electrocatalytic reduction of molecular oxygen at a graphite electrode coated with a cobalt (II) platinum (II) bimetallic porphyrin, Kalyan Ram Gadamsetti

The pre-therapy dropout : will we know him when we hear from him?, Susan Elizabeth McCreary Gaeta

Women writers' reactions to Tennysons' Arthurian women : recreating Elaine and Guinevere, Kristin Petersen Gagliardi

A program for developing the total learning of children through the Workshop Way approach, Sara Jane Hunley Gahm

Cerebral processes in the apparent duration of brief stimuli, Anthony Nick Galanos

Adolescents with a low self-concept will tend to exhibit anti-social behavior, Linda Lou Galaszewski

The relationship between exposure to violence video games and self-efficacy, Stefanie Ann-Marie Galioto

The value of play and its implications for education in the development of the whole person, Margaret Gallagher

Keyboards and data measures, Glen Roy Gallaway

Adolescents' career identity : the influence of family structure, Melanie A. Gallimore

The suppressive effect of pyocyanin on the humoral immune response of mice, Angela Maria Gallo

Toward a meaning of reinforcement, Charles A. Gallo

Direct expectancy in modifying behaviors of institutionalized male juvenile delinquents,, Fred Phillip Gallo


An investigation of child and family factors predicting parental response to children's conduct problems, Samantha Gambill

A comparison of the Subjective Workload Assessment Technique (SWAT) and the NASA-Task Load Index (TLX) under immediate and delayed rating conditions, Robyn Anne Gandy

The prediction of anthropometric dimensions using stature-based multipliers : validation and application to gender and race groups, Aaron James Gannon

Parental involvement in America 1950-1998, Tamara C. Ganter

Data structures and algorithms for efficient cycle mining of association rules, Bin Gao

Fluorescence enhancement using one-dimensional photonic band gap multi-layer structure, Jian Gao

Numerical analysis of spatial evolution of power in an EDFA under temporal steady state, Mrudula N. Garagaparti

A study of II-VI compounds by the divergent beam x-ray method, Carlos García N.

A handbook of children's literature to supplement the social studies curriculum in the elementary grades, Jacqueline J. Gardner

A survey of administrators concerning corporal punishment, Larry Earl Gardner

Developing a resource handbook to initiate the individualizing of general math skills of the high school curriculum, Phyllis Jean Hyatt Gardner

The localization and partial characterization of cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase in dark-grown Euglena gracilis, Susan Anita Garges

Testing visual perception in learning disabled students, Marilyn Louise Martinson Garland


Development of high performance air-cathodes for solid state lithium-air cells, Vasisht Garlapati

Facilitation of fifth graders' reading and retention of stories by the priming of story schemata with pictures, Fayann Garlitz

Negotiator performance using computerized negotiation support systems, Julie L. Garloch


Faithful to your sacraments and loyal in your service" the sacrament of reconciliation as a source of spirituality and collaboration in ministry", Ellen Christina Garmann

Exploring Catholic school teachers' attitudes on using whole language, Debra Taylor Garmhausen

The detection of unique turbulent signatures resulting from atmospheric disturbances of flying aircraft, Mark Anthony Garnet

Developing a handbook to teach high school library media skills, Anna Maude Garrett

Developing a handbook to assist FHAHERO members fulfill officer responsibilities, Joan Elaine Grimes Garrett

A handbook of low organizational games for the elementary physical education teacher, William Louis Garrett

A new novel process for ethylene dichloride production by photolysis of silver chloride, Clayborn Atlas Garthwait

A survey of school provisions for group guidance for incorporation in the total guidance program at Providence High School, Chicago, Rose Marie Garvey

Hopelessness, assertiveness, and locus of control in battered women, Suzanne Marie Gasper

Isothermal annealing study of neutron transmutation doped silicon:gallium, Richard Albert Gassman

A comparison of interdisciplinary teaming and traditional departmental organization at the seventh grade, David Alan Gates

Multifactor analysis of information transfer in student advisory counseling, Charles C. Gauder

Interfacing a hysteresigraph system to a computer, David Richard Gauder

A survey of the attitudes of third grade, regular education students toward third grade, special education students who were mainstreamed in their classes, Charlotte J. Gay

A study of Herbert Marcuse : hopeful thought in a repressive present for a non-repressive future, Kathleen Lucia Curzie Gaydos

A descriptive analysis to analyze if fourth grade students recognize the benefits of being read aloud to by their parents, Kerri Lynn Gayheart

An analysis of students' attitudes toward the use of computer-based multimedia instruction in learning selected United States history concepts, Eric S. Gearhart

An analysis of preschool teachers' beliefs and values about how literacy develops through play and whether their beliefs and values are reflected in their practices and uses, Lisa M. Gearhart

Self esteem calendar for parents and teachers, Christine A. Geary

Freshmen and sophomore physical education students' opinions toward physical education, H. Teresa Geary


Color feature integration with directional ringlet intensity feature transform for enhanced object tracking, Kevin Thomas Geary

Studies of the partial purification and characterization of the major sulfotransferase enzyme found in the male rat, James Richard Gebhart

Silent reply : a selection of antebellum American Catholic opinions dealing with the issue of slavery, Michael M. Geelan

Math peer tutoring intervention : the effect of place value training on addition and subtraction skills, Shauna Leigh Stabilio Gega

Career education awareness for third grade, Genevieve Pearl Ruminski Gehm

An analysis of the academic achievement of the adopted child, Natalie L. Geiger

A comparison of three aircraft attitude display symbology structures, Eric Meehan Geiselman

Peer tutors : their reading achievement, self-concepts and attitudes toward reading, Sandra Marie Smith Gelormino

The concept of God in Averroes' (Ibn-Roshd) philosophy, Anthony Gemayel

High speed magnetic deflection of an x-ray camera, Jacques Jamil Gemayel

Altering attitudes toward mental illness : a psycho-social approach toward treatment, Kathleen Theresa Genco

Parametric study of the performance of a biplane joined at the tips, Nicola Genco

An introductory program in writing skills, Elizabeth Anne Smith Genslinger

Improving your child's reading ability : a handbook for parents of primary children, Marsha Genteline

Belmont High School's In School Suspension Program, David Duane Gentry

Implementing an elementary foreign language program in your school, Donna George

A review of the hyperactive child syndrome and its symptomatic treatment : with emphasis on teacher managed nutritional strategies in the primary grades, Marjorie Ann Kolozsi George

An analysis of factors special education teachers perceive as reducing stress, Mary Helen George

Creative career centered curriculum courses, Mary Janet George

Handbook of ideas for understanding and implementing portfolio assessment in a readingwriting class at the secondary level, Tara Kirschner George

Evaluation and interpretation of various criteria for predicting success in mathematics 115 at the University of Dayton, Landis Gephart

Perceptions of physician credibility and patient communication satisfaction as affected by race and sex of the physician, Veronica A. Gerace

A study of preservice teachers' construction of understandings about effective middle level literacy instruction, Mary Catherine Geraghty

Social stories : a behavior intervention for preschool children, Amy Lurana Gerard

Learning centers in language arts and mathematics for first grade teachers, Rebecca Gerardi

A study of the five year math program in the Versailles School District and a look at its post-graduate effectiveness, Bonnie Lou Gerber

A study of instrumentation required for arc plasma materials evaluations, Dennis A. Gerdeman

A study to determine the effects of metacomprehension instruction on the reading awareness of fourth graders, Susan Catherine Latkey Gerdeman

Evaluating the effects of a read aloud program on the interests of second grade students toward reading, Marcia R. German

The implementation and evaluation of an entry-year mentoring program in Brown County schools, Wanda Louise Faulkner Germann

An analysis of teacher perceptions and attitudes of the use of traditional basal readersskills based approach and literature-based approach to reading instruction, Lisa Holly Gerrard-Dillon

Enhancement of EPON 828 - TETA neat epoxy resin system properties via simultaneous thermal cure and magnetic field exposure, Roger Harry Gerzeski

The social significance of early historical lessons and their relevance to the modern student, Carol Ann Parkman Gessner

Investigation of halon 1301 interactions in methane combustion, Matthew G. Getz

Predicting success in high school computer programming, John Curtis Gevedon


Wingwall aerodynamic interactions in free flying, maneuvering MAVs, Matthew Kenneth Geyman


Data mining for University of Dayton campus buildings to predict future demand, Ahmed Ghareeb

Small scale control security and measurement system, Nureddin Fathi Gherfal


Bond stress between steel and concrete in two-way reinforced concrete slabs, Ghassan Sabeh Ghoul


Designing shape changing mechanisms for planar and spatial applications, Kevin Giaier

Comparative electron microscopy of intestinal epithelial cells during food absorption : larvae and adult Rana pipiens, Robert T. Giaquinta


The Effect of Depersonalization and Derealization Symptoms on Olfaction and Olfactory Hedonics, Rhiannon Ashley Gibbs

A study of Magic circle and self-concept, Zita Carol Wantiez Gibbs

An analysis of parent perceptions toward the concept of inclusion in the elementary school, Diane Friemoth Gibfried


Salome : reviving the Dark Lady, Alanna Marie Gibson

The aud one out in the final battle : an Anya-centered feminist analysis of Buffy the vampire slayer, Jessica Noelle Gibson-James

Wide angle beam steering for infrared countermeasures applications, Jennifer Lynn Gibson

studies of partial purification and development with age of cortisol sulfating exzymes, Deborah Darlene Giera

Use of the Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory to identify addiction in college students, Kathleen M. Gierhart

The effect of adriamycin on the reproductive system of the male prepuberal rat, Bruce Francis Giffin

The benefits and detriments of ability grouping and its effectiveness, Sheila Roberta Giffin

A two group, posttest only, study of attitudes and concept retention in ninth grade physical science classes using traditional versus hands-on learning, John R. Gifford

The efficacy of parent-facilitated phonological awareness tutoring for kindergartners at-risk for reading difficulties, Michelle J. Giguere

An experimental analysis of using instrumental and synthesizer music in helping promote creative thinking in writing, Timothy A. Gilbert

A guidebook for use by educational personnel for initiating student community service programs, Barbara Adelaide Gillan-Honneywell

The effects of birth order, status and outcome on empathy, and perceived similarity in junior high school girls, John Leonard Gillespie


Characterizing phase noise for beam steering devices, Shane Matthew Gillespie

Infrared image restoration and enhancement, Joseph Charles Gillette


The Cyclops" and "Nestor" episodes in James Joyce's Ulysses a portrait of European society in 1904 ", Eric Gilliland

Enrichment materials to supplement the second year algebra class, for college-bound students at Yale-Jamaica-Bagley High School, Jamaica, Iowa, John Lavelle Gilliland

Healing hands--soothing sounds : the effects of tactile and auditory stimulation on NICU patients, Catherine M. Gillotti

Nanocharacterization of bio-silica using atomic force and ultrasonic force microscopy, Vinaypreet Singh Gill

A kinetic study of the reaction of hexa-aquochromium (III) ion and methanol, William S. Gilman

Program evaluation with the Louisiana Autism Quality Indicators for schools, Amanda Marie Gilmore

A study of readability formulas as a viable determinant of levels for children's books, Eila Mae Spriesterbach Gilmore

An evaluation of motor-based preconscious detection in a numerical target search task, Vance F. Gilstrap

Self-concept of the underachiever in relation to the Random House High Intensity Learning Systems Reading Program at Orville Wright Middle School in Dayton, Ohio, Janet Leida Gisclard

A study of citizenship education on the secondary level as it relates to participatory democracy, Mary Jo Logan Gitzinger

Myoelectric control of a computer based expert system for flight control, Philip Bernard Glaeser

Differentiating between forgiveness of self and others, Dawn E. Glasener


A comparison of primary and secondary psychopathy in the prediction of explicit and implicit measures of empathy, Margaret Kane Glaser

A comparison of student teachers pupil control ideologies to experienced teachers pupil control ideologies, Marie Johanna Glaser

Suppressing intermittent flow patterns and reducing pressure loss in two-phase horizontal pipe flow using surfactants, Stephen R. Glassmeyer


Photonically enhanced and controlled pool boiling heat transfer, Nicholas Robert Glavin

The mature woman returning to graduate school : a comparison with both academic and socioeconomic peers, Sallie Walters Glaze

Development of a high speed communications link between a PDP 1134 and an IBM 1800, Tim Leon Glaze


Behavioral activation in a homeless shelter : development and validation of the behavioral activation treatment efficacy measure, Zachary Shaw Glendening


Modern love and other stories with an Introduction to the genre and scholarship including a survey of the text, Samuel Jonathon Glenn

The effects of sex of subjects, their attitudes toward women and victim resistance on rape attributions, Patricia A. Glew


Evaluation of thermal stress in carbonglass hybrid and glass nanocomposite under resistive heating, Vignesh Kumar Gnanasekar


Developing the capability to examine environmental effects on small fatigue crack growth, Brian Timothy Gockel

Computerized color measurement, William Roland Godwin

Learning centers : an alternative approach to first grade instruction, Jo Ann Goecke

Judgmental latencies as a function of word and word-pairs rated on an evaluative dimension, George Daniel Goedel

How to help your child become a successful reader : a handbook for parents of children in kindergarten through grade 5, Susan Goellrich

John A. Waldron : the man and the educator, Paul C. Goelz


Towards a zero : energy smart building with advanced energy storage technologies, Ashish Gogia


Dynamics and disturbance in an old-growth forest remnant in Western Ohio, Sean Michael Goins


Why is Nature Able to Mold Some Phenotypes More Readily than Others? Investigating the Structure, Function and Evolution of ßeta-2 Tubulin in Drosophila Melanogaster, Sarah Rajini Golconda

Combining classical rhetoric with a reading and writing curriculum in a high school English classroom, Ruth Ann Goldfine

Evidence for gene sharing in the nitrate reduction systems of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Martha Jane Parah Goldflam

The effect of amino acid analogs on meiotic nondisjunction in Neurospora crassa, Steven Goldflam

A validity study of a Group Block Rotation Test for the prediction of organic brain disorder, Bruce J. Goldsmith


The Effects of a Visual Distance Feedback Device on Rollator Walker Position and User Posture: A Validation Study, Courtney Lynne Golembiewski

Emotional and attitudinal responses to remote versus co-located usability testing, Michael J. Goliber

The shepherd of Hermas and The gospel of truth of Valentinus : two early Christian perspectives on salvation, Walker Lyddane Gollar

A proposed social studies program in unit teaching at the eighth grade level at Sacred Heart School, Fowler, Indiana, Mary Gerard Golonka

Development of an in-situ carbon deposition test for the analysis of thermal stress on jet fuel, Jeffrey Bruce Gomach


Love without a name : celibates and friendship, Eucharia P. Gomba


The Things He Left Behind, Jenna M. Gomes

The use of Paulo Freire's methods with residential life at a midwestern university, Domingo Antonio Gomez

A study of the relationship between critical thinking and reading response journals, Norma Jean Gongwer

An exploratory evaluation of the effects of Stroop modulation upon the perception of relative frequency, Gabriel Gonsalves-Sosa

A quasi-experimental study of cross-age tutoring and self-image, Juanita R. Gonzales-Jennings

Fractography of RIM polycarbamate materials, Rafael Gonzalez Garcia

Continuous wave singly resonant intracavity optical parametric oscillators using periodically poled LiNbO₃, Leonel Pastor Gonzalez

Young children's attitudes toward the disabilities : does gender matter?, Soammy M. González

The relative effects of various self-control methods in a weight and bodyfat reduction program, Jeanette Gay Manley Goodall


A Case Study of Student Perceptions of Transfer from First- and Second-Year Writing to the Disciplines, Rebekah Lee Goode

Field evaluation of a transmission-based laser sensor system for intelligent transportation systems, Paul Clifford Goodhue


Correlations Between Near Wake Velocity Fluctuations and Aerodynamic Efficiency for the SD7003 Airfoil, Steven Blake Goodman

A study of drug education in the American school system, Damon Grant Goodwin

Growing" and other stories ", Julia Kristine Goodwin

Integrating mathematics with children's literature in kindergarten and first grade, Laura Jean Gordon

The effect of a listerial infection on natural killer (NK) cell activity during the early phase of resistance, Lenora Jo Gordon

The effects of specific cue training on water level representation for distance conservers and non-conservers, by Barbara Pugliese Gorman, Barbara Jean Pugliese Gorman

Battered women : severity and frequency of abuse related to type of dependency, abuser's alcohol use, abuser's employment status, and filing of charges against the abuser, Mary Louise Gorman

A curriculum resource guide to teach competitive speech skills to secondary students, Karen Ann Staten Gorshe

Strategies for teaching special education at-risk students in the middle and high school : a teacher's handbook, Joan Sigrid Angell Gossard

An analysis of the effects of study skills instruction on reading comprehension of middle school resource room students, Govinda dasi Harmon Gottes

A study of linear and multiple variance correlations in order to determine a criterion to be used in placement of ninth grade students in Mathematics I at Wilbur Wright High School, Dayton, Ohio, Robert Edward Goubeaux

A comparison of typing, shorthand, and secretarial skills required by business with skills taught in high schools, Patricia Mary Lilley Goulait

Exploring the relationship between self-concept and classroom factors affecting students' self-evaluations, Elaine Graham Gould

Fluency achievement in high school French via university-level teaching strategies, Harriet Kardaras Gounaris

The effect of a teacher directed lesson on eighth grade student writers, Joan Anton Gounaris

Memory as a function of perceived duration of the retention interval, Allen Stuart Gouse

In vitro toxicity of carbon-based nanomaterials, Christin Marie Grabinski

The effect of thermally stressed additized jet fuel on O-rings, John Gracki

Teaching elementary students conflict resolution skills through the use of music, Carolyn Diane Gracy

A parent and student handbook for homework motivation, Kathryn L. Graeser

Development of an independent study unit employing systems packages in the ninth-grade algebra class, Mary Renetta Graff

A comparison study between the same students as third graders in an all-day gifted program and as fourth graders in a homogeneously grouped regular classroom, Carrie E. Graham

An investigation of effective strategies in at-risk education, Cynthia B. Graham

Ability grouping and social class, Darlene Carol Graham

Adjustable slip speed control for induction motors, Donald Ellis Graham

A study of the incidence of cheating among sixth, seventh and eighth grade children in my school and some proposed remedies, Francis Graham

Determination of the residence time distribution of a laboratory-scale flow reactor, John Lynn Graham

Microstructure property relationships in gbs-CEZ titanium alloy, Dominique Grandemange

Coupled wave theory and practical holography, Andrew Grandjean

The common good and the rights of the individual according to Jacques Maritain, Maurice Richard Graney


Design and structural analysis of a dual compression rotor, Nicolas David Grannan

Japanese-American diplomatic relations , July 18, 1941 to December 8, 1941, David A. Granson

A study of student attitudes toward Black culture in Chaminade-Julienne and Valley View High Schools, Diane Marie Pokropski Grant


Single and working : a content analysis of workplace romance policies, Kelsey Nichole Grassman

An analysis of the Christiana Treason Trials in relation to the controversy over the return of fugitive slaves, Richard P. Grau

Performance effects of one night's sleep deprivation, Michael David Gravelle

The development of an electrophoretic method, and the evaluation of the Harleco Kit method for determining serum alkaline phosphatase isoenzyme activity, Robert Lee Graves


An examination of moderators of the relationship between similarity, complementarity, and relationship satisfaction, Brian Thomas Gray

An investigation of the attitudes of male and female junior and senior high teachers toward extracurricular activities, Heather Joy Gray

Curriculum guide and a MS Word for Windows 3.1 manual for JTPA-qualified students in the Jobs for Graduates program in Dayton, Karol Gray

A teacher's handbook for the teaching of listening and thinking skills, Margaret Josephine Shelton Gray

Cooperative learning in the elementary classroom : a handbook, Mary S. Gray

A developmentally appropriate early childhood education program based upon congruence between parents and early childhood education theorists, Pamela J. Gray

Can learning disabled children effectively use memory strategies, Rebecca Ann McGee Gray

Satire in Ireland : the mirror of history, Sally Lee Rogers Gray

A parent's handbook of summer activities for the primary student, Cheryl J. Felts Greene

9B, Kimberly Alayne Greene

The value of preschool education on the future academic success of children, Becky J. Greenhaw

An exploration of speech and motor indicants of preconscious processing, Ingrid Jennyfer Isles Greenidge

A study of interference as a function of language development, Linda Greenway

An analysis of student learning style and attitude toward school, Jolene Master Greer

Schema versus skills : a study of teaching methods of reading comprehension, Patricia Ann Greger

A comparison of silent and oral reading among first grade students, Dorothy Gaines Gregory

Relationships between food supply, demography, and population regulation in the eastern chipmunk (Tamias striatus), Michael James Gregory

Monte Carlo simulation of tree canopy scattering and propagation, Michael A. Greiner


Differing perceptions of criminal behavior : sexual assault versus violent non-sexual crimes, Jamee Lee Gresley


The relationship of primary and secondary psychopathy to different types of empathetic deficits, Alyssa Paige Gretak


A review of methods and challenges involved in biomanufacturing & evaluating the validity of wrist worn pedometers, Sean William Gretzinger


Raw, Curt Michael Greve

The effect of spermine on EMS-induced mutations in Salmonella typhimurium, Jo Anne Sitar Gridley

Evaluation of the applied academics options program for business students of Greene County Career Center, Tammie Agnor Grieve

The historical background of four selected topics from the Math IV course, Dwyn Griffin

Writing what they read : a study of the effects of student- produced text on reading achievement in a learning disabilities classroom, Janese Lynn Bishop Griffin

Analyzing the effects of L.E.D. traffic signals on urban intersection safety, Valerie Elizabeth Griffin

Degradation of model hydrocarbons by freshwater microorganisms, William Michael Griffin

Detection of trace elements in blood using x-ray fluorescene,, Cecilia Marie Girz Griffith

A course of study for college preparatory English 9, Grace Millar Griffith

The evolution of protein components of insect spermtail axonemes, Lisa M. Griffith

The role of optimism, pessimism and coping styles in mental health, Nathan Michael Griffith

Responses of schizophrenics, alcoholics and normal controls to human vs. non-human stimuli, Eftihia Grimaldi

A handbook of spelling words and activities for the first grade classroom, Sharon Lee Stewart Grimes

A comparison of the effectiveness of beginning reading instruction in kindergarten with beginning reading instruction in first grade, Cindy Ann Grimm

Scan-limited near field testing for directive airborne antennas, Kenneth R. Grimm

A student handbook for WordPerfect 5.1, Patricia A. Grissom

Teaching 'at risk' inner city ninth grade students reading comprehension skills utilizing newsstand publications, Francis A. Groach

A study in eighth grade english teaching in relation to possible prognosis in Latin, Ann Louise Groene


The performance and emissions characteristics of heavy fuels in a small, spark ignition engine, Jon-Russell J. Groenewegen

The effects of strategic reading instruction on low-achieving beginning reader's oral reading scores, Cynthia G. Groetz

Developing phonics knowledge in whole language classrooms, Patricia Ruth Cullen Grogan

Comparison of median split and attribute-treatment-interaction procedures using computer simulation, Joseph Michael Groom

Evaluating the effects of homework versus no homework to determine the role it plays in the education of students, Pamela Sue Scott Grooms


Experiments with a high pressure well stirred reactor, Justin Tyler Gross

The effects of a listening skill program on reading comprehension at the sixth grade level, Marian Ebersole Grossman

Precision measurement of the Fresnel drag coefficient using a ring laser, James G. Grote

Professional development seminar for a wellness program, The Commandments of Fitness" ", Carol Ann Grove

The problems of remedial reading in the classroom, Mabel Grove

Frequency agile low noise amplifier using barium strontium titanate (BST) thin film capacitors, Kari Groves

A case study of Fairborn city school's mentor program, Diane L. Grubbs

Lights and landscapes : an integrated fourth grade curriculum of the New England Region, Patricia Marie Brennan Gruber

The Educator Link attempts to meet the software shortage needs of the Center for the Computer in Education, Robert Edward Grueber

Validity and reliability study of the Prueba de Aptitud Academica, Hernan Guajardo

The relationship between internal-external control of reinforcement and aggression in children : a critical evaluation of social learning theory within an empirical framework, Thomas Laurence Guarriello

An investigation of RF sensor sensitivity for bearing health monitoring, Sara Gudorf

The writing processwriting workshop approach to teaching writing a handbook of workshops for elementary teachers, Ellen Holster Guest

Readability of selected third grade basal readers, Constance Ann Hoying Guggenbiller

Comparisons of scores on kindergarten screening tests of children who attended preschool and children who did not attend preschool, Jane Renee Guggenbiller

Distributional ecology of unisexual populations of the mole salamander Ambystoma jeffersonianum complex (amphibia: caudata) in western Ohio, Michele Gladys Guggenbiller

The development of a computer software handbook, Caren Sue Crist Baugh Guisinger

A feasibility study on the simulation of an automobile driver during a collision, G. Guiterrez

HISTOS : the development and implementation of a biological lab program, Robert J. Guizzo

Generation and enrichment of antigen-specific T-cells that adoptively transfer resistance to Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Robert Joseph Gulakowski

A comparison of three library research approaches with high school science students, Cynthia Gulden

The remote control of a two-station test range by telephone, Charles Thomas Gulley

A descriptive analysis of second grade students' esteem and locus of control in relation to ability placement in reading and mathematics, Kelly Ann Flasck Gum

The effects of students' interests on their attitude toward reading, Sharon Lynn Fomenko Gump

Body density and anthropometric measurement of young girl swimmers, Wendy Sue Lewellen Gunderson

A historical study of furniture design : with emphasis on development of a historical desk reference, Joel T. Gundlach

A handbook for parents of kindergarten students at Stockbridge Elementary School, Caroline Ann Gunnett

Hemisphere specialization and time perception, David Richard Gunning

In situ nondestructive characterization of damage progression in ceramic matrix composites at room and elevated temperatures, Roger J. Gural

Kierkegaard's existential concept of truth as subjectivity, Francis Julius Gurczak

Hematological assessment of familial Mg phenotypes, Robert William Gutendorf

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