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A spelling handbook to supplement the seventh grade spelling curriculum, Patricia Ann Monger Heckler

A handbook of activities for teaching AIDS from kindergarten through grade twelve, Nancy Ater Heck

Can research assess if American female youth are as fit today (1994) as they were four years ago, Lori Hedberg

A descriptive analysis of elementary educators' opinions of whole group and ability group reading instruction, Robin R. Hedrick


Development and characterization of a tunable resonant shielded loop wireless non-radiative power transfer system, Jason Daniel Heebl

Learning disabled, average and superior readers : a visual imagery comparison, Ann Leoris Heeley

A Title I program for the Cranford, New Jersey, schools under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, Geraldine Marie Heffernan

Mathematical progression guidelines in behavioral terms for Our Lady of Mercy School Primary Division, Karen Elaine Heid

Development of a handbook of social studies games and activities : for the intermediate grades in the regular classroom, Elizabeth Ann Heil


Power consumption of turbine agitators in continuous operation, Mark Andrew Heimovitz

Forgiveness and mental health : a comparison across monotheistic religions, Todd Anthony Heim

Unbalanced winding methods for three phase induction motors, Lewis O. Heinze

A handbook for using the newspaper to reinforce skills in reading and language arts, Barbara Heitkamp

The effect homework has on the achievement of mathematic skills at the fifth grade level, Linda M. Kaiser Heitkamp

Games leaders play (and how members like them for it), Thomas William Heitkemper

The effect of evaluator intervention, task structure and user experience on the subjective evaluation of software usability, Joseph E. Held

A handbook using picture journals in transitional kindergarten, Sandy Jo Kessler Heller

Determination of the compatibility of various coatings with a branched perfluoropolyalklyether in a high temperature oxidative environment, Patrick Thomas Hellman

Eucharist : prayer, communion, unity, Jeremy A. Helmes

A study of the effect of some income maintenance proposals on the poverty problem, Ronald Gene Helms

Automating the school library media center through the emerging technologies, Pamela S. Helsinger

Molecular modeling of low temperature jet fuel, Alexander J. Heltzel

The oral hygiene status of boys versus girls, Sheranita L. Hemphill

Attention deficit disorder : a guide for the classroom teacher, Mary Kay Henderson

Independent living skills enhancing the school curriculum, Nhyere Lynn Henderson

Is the finding of positive illusions" an artifact of faulty research methodology? ", Rachel R. Henderson

Divine comedy as a literary subcategory : the Commedia, Death comes for the archbishop, and Siddhartha, Ty Edward Henderson

The effect of age and diet on immune function in felines, Lindsay Fitz Hendey

The young child's selective use of intentionality, William Steven Hendey

A supplemental health activities handbook for primary teachers at Westbrook Elementary, Brenda Hendrickson

A semi-micro method for the determination of HDL cholesterol, Ronald Steven Henner

A study of inductive and deductive methods of teaching grammar to adult beginning students of English as a second language, Carol F. Henney

Parent knowledge and attitudes of multiage education, Lorraine Henn

A literature-based handbook for integrating second and third grade mathematics, Carol Lynn Henry

Teen suicide : myths and intervention, Deborah M. Henry

Schemata - implications for reading comprehension instruction, Marlene Dolores Steyer Henry

Improving uncooperative behaviors of mentally retarded residents in group homes through parental assistance, Vanessa Joyce Henry

The organization, implementation and evaluation of a volunteer teacher-aide program utilizing junior high students and adults, Rose Marie Henschke

Examining interactions between a mother and her twins, Judith L. Hensely

An analog computer design suitable for use in a high school science curriculum with some applications and solved problems, John Howard Hepner

Subtraction of whole numbers : preventing problems and remediating weaknesses, Agnes Herbenick

Bibliotherapy accented by career exploration, Helen Herbstritt

A model for the propagation mechanism in a microwave link,, Oscar Dessimoni Hering

Developing creative thinking skills in third grade reading, Mary Frances Herkender

An exposition of John Dewey's philosophy of education, Carl Joseph Herman

Determination of shared gene components in the nitrate reduction systems of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Dennis Hernandez

The relationship of religiosity to sexual behavior and attitudes in mid-adolescents, Benjamin James Herr


The effects of story mapping on the comprehension skills of students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Jamie Herre

Effects of age on perceived risk of warning labels, Janet Katherine Herries

Designing a program to teach math problem solving skills to junior high LD students, Carol Ann Herron

The natural history handbook for the La Croft Nature Trail, Diana J. Herron

A handbook using myths, legends, folk tales, and contemporary realistic fiction in teaching about Latin American culture, Gale M. Herron

The academic effectiveness of the overhead projector as a teaching device in Algebra I at Andrew W. Mellon Junior High School, Mount Lebanon, Pennsylvania, Joseph R. Herschl

A comparative evaluation of Algebra I SMSG and conventional course for Penn High School, Mishawaka, Indiana, Floyd Hershberger

Using sustained silent reading to develop independent reading habits and attitudes in elementary students, Kathryn Ann Wright Hershey


Square coded aperture : a large aperture with infinite depth of field, Ruojun He

Reliability of magnetic read and record processes, Robert Vincent Hery

The relation between narcissism and depression in male college students, Cymbria Lyn Hess

Partial purification of the major hepatic cortisol sulfating enzyme in the male rat, Edward A. Hess

Production of overhead projection transparencies for use with the School Mathematics Study Group texts, intermediate mathematics and elementary functions, Francis Mary Hesser


Precious Blood charism and active ministry : how sisters in public schools influenced religious life, Matthew Peter Hess

Enhancing visual prominence of emergent features in bar graph displays : does it work?, Patrick James Hess


An accelerated general purpose no-reference image quality assessment metric and an image fusion technique, Don Lahiru Nirmal Manikka Hettiarachchi

The use of programed materials to supplement the class work in the teaching of a first course in modern algebra, Jean Marie Hettinger

The art of Newman's illative sense, Charles Edward Hewitt

The effects of technology on achievement in a cooperative learning environment, William Arthur Hewitt


Relationship between attachment and depression mediating factors, Kate Clara Hibbard

The use and effects of a color coding : holistic method to teach spelling word lists to fourth, fifth and sixth grade learning disabled students, Susan Rose Topp Hibbitts

A simulation to model Direct Access Storage Device (DASD) performance, Kathleen Michele Hibson

A Local Supervisory Program, Genevieve Bridget Hickey

A computer controlled cell mapping and intrusion recognition system for robotic applications, Gregory Michael Hickey

Relation between childrens divorce adjustment and noncustodial fathers involvement and visitation, Nancy Virginia Hickey

Characterization of turbulent blending performance of pitched-blade turbines using axial thrust, Richard Wayne Hicks

Analysis of bibliotherapeutic content of award-winning children's literature : a two-generation comparison, Sheryl B. Higginbotham

The relationship of pre-admissions testing and completion of an associate degree or one year certificate in data processing, Gretchen Sue Higgins

Utilization of language experiences and bilingualism in teaching English as a second language, Lois Ursula Higgins

Watch what you're watching together : the complicated relationship between family coviewing and family functioning, Kymberly Booth Higgs

The educational heritage of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, Teresa S. H. Higi

A descriptive study of students' attitudes involved in cross-age integration, Jean Ann Hilbert

Johnson-Cook material model constants for three aluminum based particulate metal matrix composites, Haylan H. Hilfi

The sensitivity of subjective and secondary task metrics in the assessment of operator workload, Brian Patrick Hill

A guide to integrate reading and writing, Cynthia L. Hill

A guide for integrating the graphing calculator in the advanced placement calculus curriculum, David A. Hilliard

Comparative study of nutrition education in selected Dayton area schools, Katharine Kessler Hill

Perfectionism : its relation to ego strength and etiological implications of parental behavior, Mary Kathleen Ditty Hill

A study of the effects of perceptual-motor training on readiness skills of kindergarten students, Rae Ellen du Bruyne Hill

Decomposition of polyol ester lubricants containing tricresyl phosphate in the presence of transition metal carbides, John Eric Hils

Literature based thematic teaching in the first grade, Carol Lynn Hilty

The effect of temperature on some aspects of snake metabolism, William M. Hinchey

Constructing a handbook of teaching strategies designed to improve comprehension skills in the middle school social studies content area, Brian Anthony Hinders

Combining basal and individual reading in a fourth grade class : an analysis and report of a reading program, Louise A. Hinders

The impact of trust, risk, and prior knowledge on consumer preferences, Chad William Hinkle

Photochemical synthesis of 2-azabicyclo-octanes, James August Hinnenkamp

Further investigations into cerebral asymmetry in the perception of duration, Mary Christine Hinsman

Recovery from mental illness : developing a measure of underlying constructs, Theresa Marie Hintze

A study of reading instruction materials and methods in elementary classrooms, Laura H. Hipp

The value of connecting reading and writing in the language arts classroom, Brenda Carol Hirsch

Optical fiber electric field probe utilizing poled polymer films, Karen Elizabeth Hiser

An evaluation of the Wellsville City School District Latchkey Center at Garfield Elementary School, Heather J. Maclean Hitt

A nutrition guide for junior high school athletes : that will increase performances to optimum levels, Barbara Louise Hittle

Statistical methods for integrated circuit analysis, Donald G. Hjelle

The carbon-bromine stretching frequencies of mono- and di-bromonorbornanes, Bartholomeus Chien Chong Ho

The effect of classroom instruction and the use of the SRA laboratory on the improvement of study skills, Mary Raphael Hoben

Gender differences in adolescent lying behavior based on type of lie, Lori Ann Hobrath

A handbook of occupational math problems for use on the microcomputer, Julie A. Hochadel

An investigation into the impact that witnessing or experiencing childhood violence has on adult women, Jennifer Anne Hochdoerfer

Long-term psychosocial sequelae of childhood abuse and neglect in females, Greta Marie Hochstetler

Man's search for identity in the writings of Soren Kierkegaard, Ronald Hochuli

Positive-column nitrogen discharge studies using coherent anti- Stokes Raman spectroscopy, Douglas David Hodson

An automated high speed component test system, Steven David Hoenig

The adolescent male : masturbation and morality, Ronald W. Hoenninger

Machine diagnostics systems, Gregory Edward Hoesl

The matching familiar figures test : a measure of response or stimulus uncertainty?, Gary Donald Hoffarth

Inverted pendulum analysis and simulation, Carlos Alberto Hoffman


Efficient software and hardware implementations of the H.264 entropy encoders, Marc P. Hoffman

Compensatory tracking on the F-106 manned interceptor simulation program, Mark Steven Hoffman

A guideline for introducing individualized study in Algebra I, Patricia Hoffman

Development of a novel Hall effect sensor to monitor thickness of a curing composite, Dean Richard Hofmann

A parallel architecture of JPEG2000 Tier I encoding for FPGA implementation, Luke A. Hogrebe

Design of a stack-run encoder and decoder as a VHDL IP core, Andréa Hohler

A study of administrators' and teachers' opinions of school health services and the role of the certified school nurse in three Clark County school districts, Donna Lou Bertsch Hohlmayer


Transcending the malaise" : redemption, grace, and existentialism in Walker Percy's fiction", Xiamara Elena Hohman

Microcomputer technology : a teachers handbook, Shannon G. Hoke

Opinions of intermediate students toward physical education when taught by a physical education teacher versus when taught by a classroom teacher, Kris A. Holder

A discussion of the academic problems of dyslexic college students and suggested techniques useful in aiding them, Sue Holeski

A comparative study of eighth-graders and ninth-graders taking the Ohio ninth-grade proficiency test for the first time, Diane R. Holland

The development of a sustained delivery device for 1,1,1- Trichloroethane and the effect of the 1,1,1-Trichloroethane on behavioral performance in rats, Deborah Elizabeth Smith Hollenbach

The prediction of preference of psychotherapeutic technique from personality and demographic characteristics, Thomas Garrison Hollis

First grade retention or promotion : how this decision influences academic achievement, Patricia Sue Hazelwood Holmes

A proposed chemistry laboratory guideline, based on trends in current curriculum studies, Mary Ellen Holohan

Current play therapy practices of American psychologists, Barbara Louise Holt

Writing in response to literature versus formal, traditional grammar in the teaching of writing, Peggy Lynn Holton


Processing algal biomass to renewable fuel oil extraction and hydrothermal liquefaction, Sally Louis Homsy

Non-real-time, homogenous sea clutter signal generator, Seng Muy Hong

Mainstreaming and social acceptance of the educable mentally retarded student, Nancy Elizabeth Meyers Hood

Clinician biases in treating the obese client, Judith Anne Hoody

The effect of nitrate reduction on nitrate transport in Escherichia coli, Deborah Anne Hooper

The effects of parental conflict and conflict resolution on attitudes toward marriage among university students, Tina M. Hooper

A transition handbook from basal to whole language, Patricia May Arnott Hoop

Moment-curvature behavior of bolted web splices in wide flange beams : a reexamination, Ali Hooshiari

The differential effects of physical and sexual abuse on internalizing and externalizing behaviors, DeLana Renee Hoover

High school students' knowledge and attitudes about recycling, Stephen J. Hoover


Comparative analysis of ISAR and tomographic radar imaging at W-band frequencies, Nicholas Christian Hopkins

The use of the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-Revised in identifying learning disabilities of elementary school children, Jerry Ann Tucker Hoppel

Aircraft tiresoil interaction - single rolling wheel verification tests, John Richard Hoppenjans

Population energetics of the sphaeriid clam, Musculum partumeium (Say) from an ephemeral woodland pond, Daniel James Hornbach

Applying the Latin American model of base ecclesial communities to the Church in the United States : a new way of being church, Jessica Horne

A physics laboratory manual for Greenon High School, David Richard Horner

Problems on some perfect graph classes, Yih Horng

Three dimensional machine vision inspection using moire interferometry, Karl Edmund Horning

The effects of a chromium containing beverage on sprint cycle performance following 60-minutes of continuous cycling, Mary Ellen Horn

The extent of the health program for graduate staff nurses in hospitals in Ohio, Mary Elizabeth Horrigan

The effect of small-group instruction on the problem-solving achievement of children, Catherine Marie Price Horrocks

Practical ideas for a typewriting course, Arthur E. Hortin

A handbook for parents of children with disabilities to locate resources in Clark and Preble counties, Tracy Ann Finney Horton

A study of the differences in textbook methods of presenting algebra II word problems : with an annotated bibliography of word problem references, Gail Robison Hoskins

Effective teacher traits for making discipline an obsolete word in tomorrow's classroom : a handbook for effective management, Mary Gardner Hoskins


An ordinary text with extraordinary affect how reading Twilight can change the world, Katie Hoskinson

An analysis of secondary English curriculum and potential of offering electives in English, Teresa Ellen Stapleton Hoskins


Using Hadoop to cluster data in energy system, Jun Hou

Inner-city, pre-adolescent, black student's perception of his teacher's feelings toward him, related to self-concept, achievement, behavior, Janet Louise Houk

A program of bibliotherapy in the elementary school classroom, Mary Beatrix Houk

The use of picture communication system symbols to enhance independent completion of a task analysis, Heather Leigh House

Handbook of language readiness activities for parents to use with kindergarten children, Jodi K. Houseman

A handbook of folktales and activities to enrich a fifth grade reading curriculum, Dorothy Pauline Houser

Using audio tapes as a feedback system for improving questioning behavior during a directed reading lesson in a Title I reading center, Nancy Jane Miller Houston

Characterization of carbon nanotubes grown by a non-metal catalyst method, Shanee Danyale Houston

A curriculum model for a language experience reading approach in the kindergarten classroom, Susan Boyer Houx

Book reading interests of high school students, Letitia Ann Lojewski Hovan


The affect of environmental web-design on student perceptions of social presence in online learning communities, Christopher Michael Hovey

An analysis of the opinions of teachers who have implemented the assertive discipline plan, Marcella Ferguson Howard


Fourier multispectral imaging in the shortwave infrared, Matthew David Howard

A substance abuse curriculum designed for pre-teens, Roberta Ann Howard

A study of teacher desists, Susan Beth Howard


Scott Pilgrim's gaming reality an introduction to gamer realism, Tyler P. Howat


Peace and human rights in the nuclear age (the encyclical and the speech of 1963), Roger William Howell

Application of a MMPI-based criminal classification system to a forensic psychiatric population, Nancy Ruth Howells

Observations on temporal phenomena in the human visual system; some interhemiretinal comparisons across the vertical meridian of the eye, Robert Arther Howells

Probabilistic structure weight estimation of a two stage liquid missile, Leonard James Howie


Ontological ecology : the created world in early Christian monastic spirituality, Scott Charles Howland

Control of cellular information, John Joseph Howley

Support for the mental process, rotation, John Paul Hoying

Use and evaluation of the V.P.I. anaerobic system in a clinical microbiology laboratory,, Carl Frank Hoyng

Endeavors in purification of dopamine sulfotransferase I and some properties of dopamine sulfotransferase I and dopamine sulfotransferase II, Linda Volkwein Hreha

A functional curriculum for preschool children with multiple- impairments, Lisa Marie Rykowski Hrinko

Minimizing the output ripple of direct current tachometer generators, Song-Ling Hsia

Application of swarm clustering theory to optical self-organization, Ran Huang


Generation of versatile vortex linear light bullets, Xin Huang


Wafer-level vacuum-encapsulated ultra-low voltage tuning fork MEMS resonator, Junjun Huan

The reactions of educators to the Supreme Court decisions on prayer and religion in the public schools, Mary David Huber

The attitudes of students, parents, and school personnel toward success of younger and older students at the same grade level, Peggy L. Huber

Watermark : a short-story cycle with an introduction to the genre and scholarship including a close reading of the text, Wanda Elizabeth Huber

Developing a kindergarten child's self-concept through literature, Susan Huck

Methods for enhancing the poling efficiency in electro-optic polymer waveguide devices, Jeremy Ben Huddleston

College preparation study skills, Cynthia Flynn Hudson


The development of a correlation to predict the lean blowout of bluff body stabilized flames with a focus on relevant timescales and fuel characteristics, Bethany C. Huelskamp

The effect of the Chisanbop finger calculating method on student mastery of basic addition facts for below level second graders, Ann L. Miller Huffacker

Repressive coping : a contributor to health problems?, Charlotte M. Huffer

A writing process handbook for secondary English teachers, Beth Ann Needler Huffman

The effective alpha activity of plutonium-238 dioxide microspheres, Gary N. Huffman

A study to determine the opinions of teachers toward teaching with technology, Steven R. Huff

An analysis of elementary and middle school indicators of failure in high school students, Beth Ann Hughes

The use of eye imagery in selected works of Henry James, Betsy Mills Hughes

The importance of developmental testing prior to the entrance into kindergarten, Ellen Louise Stoll Hughes

An analysis on the opinions of teachers toward homework, Julie Lynne Hughes

The stanzaic structure, language, and thought in Alice Cary's poetry, Marie Edyth Hughes


She's just a slut" : the effect of language on the perceived value and worth of women ", Melissa Marie Hughes

Using activities to strengthen the modalities of second and third grade children : in Title I reading centers in Mad River Township, Metrisha Ann Turner Hughes

The relation of religious orientation, coping behaviors, and adjustment in family caregivers of hospice patients, Rachel Leigh Huhra

The effect of Anti-Penicillinase antibody upon the activity of Exopenicillinase produced by Staphylococcus Aureus, Robert Douglas Hume

Adolescent suicide, Jennifer Neal Miller Humphries

The roles of testis-specific [beta]2-tubulin in drosophila melanogaster spermtail axoneme morphogenesis, Nicole M. Humston

A study to assess criteria second graders use to select reading material, Susan K. Hundley

Motivating middle school students to read, Barbara A. Hunt


Utilization of service-learning pedagogy in participatory community action research in homeless shelters : quasi-experimental study of student outcomes, Charles Allan Hunt

Effect of self-regulation of mathematics using prompt cards in students with learning disabilities, Amanda D. Hunter


The influence of Stanley Cavell on Fergus Kerr's Wittgensteinian theology, Justus Hamilton Hunter

John H. Patterson's contributions to adult education, Muriel Eleanor Judd Hunt

The diagnostic distinguishability of self-defeating personality disorder from dependent personality disorder, Steven Ken Huprich


Risk and resilience : a prospective analysis of the complex effects of internalizing problems on alcohol use in adolescence, Lauren Elaine Hurd

A synthesis of the techniques used in relating to the socially maladjusted high school student, Sue Ann Hurst

The effects of shared reading versus independent reading on reading comprehension, Teri Hurst


Nonlinear electromagnetic radiation from metal-insulator-metal tunnel junctions, Mallik Mohd Raihan Hussain

Meeting the needs of learning disabled students in special education : lip service or legitimate service? by Diane L. Hutchison, Diane Leslie Salvador Hutchison

Fretting fatigue of Ti-6Al-4V under flat-on-flat contact with blending radii, Alisha Lynn Hutson

Heat transfer from a vertical hollow cylinder in an electrostatic field, Kyle Edward Hutson


Process modeling of thermoplastics and thermosetting polymer matrix composites (PMCs) manufactured using fused deposition modeling (FDM), Victoria Elizabeth Hutten

Revision in the writing process with and without word processing among middle school students, Kathleen Ann Fortman Hutter

A study of the residual compressive strength of impacted GRPEEK panels using a new compression after impact test method, Byungsun Hwang

Fourier phase spectrum error comparisons using speckle imaging with bispectrum reconstruction and deconvolution from wave front sensing, Cynthia Anne Hyde

Assessment of various approaches to valuesmoral education in public schools, Elizabeth Muncy Hypes

Anomaly detection in hyperspectral imagery : a comparison of methods using diurnal and seasonal data, Patrick C. Hytla


Laughing at death [electronic resource] : the forms and functions of humor in illness trauma narratives, Nicholas Thomas Iannarino

The use of creative principles in the teaching of mathematics in the primary grades, Virginia Ibold

Self-esteem and the Lion's Quest Skills for Adolescence" program : an evaluative study ", Cathy S. Icenhour


Evanescent and plasmonic sensing using linear and radial polarization modes in tapered microfibers, Ighodalo Uchenna Idehenre

Pulse width modulation excitation of a variable speed constant frequency cascaded doubly fed generator system, Steven Mark Iden

Generation of a diffraction-free beam for use in the heterodyne detection scheme, Khan M. Iftekharuddin


The stigma of a mental illness label attitudes towards individuals with mental illness, Chinenye Oluchukwu Ikeme


Identification of factors related to motorcycle fatal injuries in Ohio, Vamsi Krishna Indupuru

Differences between runaway and non runaway adolescents : on perception of parents self-esteem locus of control, attribution style and self-control by Mark S. Ingram, Mark Steven Ingram

Functionalization of deoxyribonucleic acid through the use of polydimethylsiloxane patterning techniques, Melissa Carrie Ingram

Therapeutic foster care : accountability in the community, Barbara Jeanne Inman

A handbook for kindergarten teachers and parents of summer children to aid in making decisions regarding school readiness, Kathy Lillian Polley Inman

The philosophical and psychological perspectives of intuition in relation to Hanlon's theory of education, Donna Innes

Appropriateness of error terms for the analysis of simple effects in mixed designs : a Monte Carlo study of Type I error rates for the between-subjects factor, William Robert Insko

An analysis and comparison of the attitudes of men and women involved in physical education or sport in Ohio high schools and the attitudes of residents of Wapakoneta, Ohio, toward the role of females in athletics, Patricia Gail Zielke Inzano


Copper(II) and Ruthenium(II) Complexes from Polydentate Ligands, David Rey Ireland

The effects of advocating children's literature in the reading program, Nanciann Delabar Ireland

An analysis of specific teacher nonverbal behaviors and student verbal interaction, Janet Ellen Mackin Irvin

The role of visuo-spatial difficulty levels upon left and right hand performances, Christina Joy Isaacs

The impact of personality disorder pathology on social and interpersonal functioning, Nicole Lee Isackson

Sati al-Husari's views on Ibn Khaldun, Mohamed Alboud al Isa

A study assessing elementary teachers' knowledge and attitudes after hands-on science training toward the teaching of science, Ellen E. Isbell

Preparation and characterization of phosphorus pentachloride-Lewis base adducts, Joseph Nickolas Ishley


Shear capacity of fiber-reinforced concrete under pure shear, Ahmad M. Ishtewi


Delinquent peer relationships as a mediator of the differential effects of social withdrawal and behavioral inhibition on delinquency, Jeannette Marie Iskander

Optical matrix-vector multiplication using an outer product concept, Esam H. A. Ismail

A process to evaluate thinking skills software for the computer, Ariela Itkis

Can a people build a tradition? : a look at the potential of Psalms in the act of nation building in Israel, Haim Itkis

Eating disorders and repressive coping, Masako Ito

An examination of the platelet phase in SmTM magnets by the use of transmission electron microscopy, Christopher John Ivary


Signature stability in laser doppler vibrometry, Thomas Z. Iverson

A kinetic study of the reaction between chromium (III) ion and 1, 10-phenanthroline in methanol, Robert F. Ivory

Source leaf carbon allocation and plant morphology in Beta vulgaris L. : during development under long and short daylengths, Leanne Mary Jablonski

A study of at-risk first grade students' utilization of cueing systems in the development of text reading skills, Joey LeeAndra Jack


San Juan de Avila : Marian preacher, John Robert Jack

Mainstreaming for improved motor fitness of the EMR student, Karol Kay Brown Jack


Integrated coarse to fine and shot break detection approach for fast and efficient registration of aerial image sequences, Kevin S. Jackovitz

Rethinking pluralism : an apprentice's thoughts for a neo- pluralist, Alan Jackson

S-Wave calculation for B.C.C. (110) surface using the McRae multiple scattering theory of low energy electron diffraction, Allen George Jackson

Micro teaching unit : Focus on me" small group discussions on student behavior ", Eugene Francis Jackson

Frequency response characterization of multiple quantum-well InGaAs semiconductor lasers operating at high temperatures, Hank Daniel Jackson

An action analysis of the effects of planned periods of instruction to determine the spelling achievement of unknown words, Helen Slaughter Jackson

A handbook for developing creativity and teaching creative thinking skills, Jane A. Jackson

A series of lesson plans which integrate hemispheric interaction of the brain into the secondary language arts curriculum, Marsha Ann Huffer Jackson

Optical waveguide mixing for coherent LADAR carrier to noise ratio optimization, Donald Kenneth Jacob


Prelude to a Saturday nighter, Angela F. Jacobs

Past negativepositive school experiences and effects there-of on present day viewsattitudes of education as perceived by the incarcerated student, Jay Slocum Jacobs

A handbook of hands-on activities for a third grade science curriculum, Judith Dale Turnipseed Jacobs

A digital computer approach to the unsymmetric rigid body problem, Richard William Jacobs

Teachers' attitudes about the education of students with severe multiple disabilities, Wendy Y. Jacobs

The effect of peer assisted learning strategies on reading fluency, Dhanashree Jadhav

An analysis and comparison of material parameters in photorefractive strontium barium niobate and barium titanate, Douglas Anthony Jaeger

Effects of organic substrates, inhibitors of protein synthesis, and adenosine 3', 5'-cyclic monophosphoric acid on chloroplast development in Euglena Gracilis, Z strain, Julia Antoinette Jagielo

Cochlear modelling, Syeda Rownak Jahan

A learning center handbook for low achievers in fifth grade mathematics, Barbara Starr James

Impact of teacher evaluations on staff development in selected Ohio school districts, Carmen Anita Jeremiah James

The effects of the learning center approach to learning in the primary grades, Carmen Anita Jeremiah James

A comparison study of reading achievement scores of emotionally normal and emotionally not normal second grade students, Jacqueline Sue Turner James

An extension of a mathematics program for underachievers at Nazareth Academy, La Grange Park, Illinois, second semester, grade nine, Mary Donald James

Effects of spatial modes on ladar vibration signature estimation, Douglas Furman Jameson

A handbook for the gifted and talented in elementary visual art for grades one through five, Ruthanne Tocci James

Preparation of an art guide for the upper elementary grades, M. Christine Jamros

The relationship of ability measures and personality characteristics for drop-outs and remainers in an associate degree nursing program, Jean Irene Hauserman Janco

Lens transdifferentiation in human retinal pigmented epithelial cell lines, Wonhee Jang

Eye and head response to peripheral targets, William Patrick Janson

Similarities in children's conceptions of God and Santa Claus, Charles Duane Jantzi

Development and use of the laser induced fluorescence technique for static mixer analysis, Eric Edward Antonio Janz

Selected poems of Jasimuddin, with an introduction, Hasna Jahan Jasimuddin

Differentiating circuit design, Kenneth E. Jauch

Capital budgeting under conditions of certainty and of uncertainty, Eugene Gustav Jeanne

Prediction of reading performance as a function of auditory and visual cognitive styles and intelligence, Ronald E. Jeffcott

How can a read aloud program help developmentally handicapped students? : let me count the ways, Christine Lynne Jordan Jeffers


In defense of love and same-sex parenting : rhetorical analysis of the apologia from children of same-sex couples, Ashley Nicole Jefferson

Teaching beginning Spanish to fifth grade pupils via television,, Rose Marie Jones Jefferson

Preparation of high school chemistry students for college chemistry laboratory study, Samuel S. Jeffery

A computer assisted instruction program in American history, 1870-1921, Betty L. Jehn

The people intervene : a consideration of the novels of James A. Michener, David J. Jehn

The postwar housing problem, Jack Jenefsky

The effects of sustained delivery of inhibin by ALCAP inplantable capsules on the reproductive system of male rats, Stephen Russell Jenei

A handbook of activities for the beginning reader and writer in all areas of the first grade curriculum, Betty J. Jenkins

Developing lessons to teach an adult computer literacy class, Christine Eileen Jenkins

A primary handbook to facilitate whole language with discovery based science, Connie S. Jenkins

Nonlinear materials characterization with femtosecond laser pulses, Geoffrey Drake Jenkins

The effects of heterogeneous-homogeneous ability grouping on self-perception as related to behavior and achievement, Georgiana McCarty Jenkins

Construction of instruments to help teachers measure, record and report progress of slow learning pupils, Gladys Gardner Jenkins

The ISIS curriculum guide, Jo Ellen Jenkins

Phonemic awareness : a quick fix" to remediate reading disabled students in the junior high ", Mary Jo Jenkins

Noise generation by electrical discharge, Robert P. Jennewine

Near optimal solutions for the path planning problem of a small UAV in wind, Alan Lance Jennings

Studies of grain phase and orientation in advanced silicon carbide ceramics using a laser Raman microprobe, Kurt Lynn Jennings


Hemispheric Differences in Part-Whole Matching with Normal Subjects, Michael C. Jennings

Hemispheric differences in part-whole matching with normal subjects, Michael Clyde Jennings

Visual letter detection as a function of proximity, eccentricity, and response compatability, Cynthia Lee Jensen

The formulation of a mathematics program for non-college bound students at Madison High School, Madison Heights, Michigan, Ralph Anthony Jerulle

Eating disorder tendencies in college women : an examination of family predictors, Michelle Lynne Jessup

The relationship between self-concept and achievement, Nancy Lynn Galliett Jewell

An analysis of teacher opinions and practice regarding the use of African American children's literature in the elementary classroom, Rebecca J. Jewell

Imagery value, retroactive inhibition and the feeling of knowing, Robert John Jewett

Designing with microprocessors, Enugozie John Jiagbogu

Open microstrip line leaky-wave antenna, Hai Jiang


Mitochondrial distribution in mammalian cells, Lei Jiang

Hydroxyl radicalchlorinated hydrocarbon rate constant measurement with a refined laser photolysislaser induced fluorescence system, Zhen Jiang


Computer simulation of a plug flow reactor for cobalt catalyzed Fischer Tropsch synthesis using a microkinetic model, Yin Jing


Poisson approximation to image sensor noise, Xiaodan Jin

Using perceptual reading styles to promote reading achievement, Kathy Thomas Jodrey


Acceleration of a locally tuned sine non linear video enhancement algorithm on GPGPU, Julian Daniel John

An analysis of the relationship between school entrance age and school success, Cynthia Lynn Fields Johnson

A handbook of practical math applications to aid teachers of secondary students, Dan Johnson


Model-assisted nondestructive evaluation for microstructure quantification, Darius Rayshawn Johnson


Carbon foam infused with pentaglycerine for thermal energy storage applications, Douglas James Johnson

Home schooling : an investigation into why some parents choose this alternative form of education for their children, Douglas O. Johnson

The relation between intrapersonal cognitive discrepancies and relationship satisfaction using expanded scales of the Relationship Beliefs Inventory, Elizabeth Curtis Johnson

Isolation of adult mouse spermatogonia and characterization of a spermatogonial cell line, Eric Johnson

Digital image processing and neural networks for real-time target recognition, Gary Wayne Johnson

The use of spatial analogy to enhance music interval cognition, Harold C. Johnson

Writing and self-regulation in students with learning problems, Heather R. Johnson

A handbook for teaching thematic units around reading for grade two, Heidi Hoppe Johnson

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